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New toys

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by akforty7s, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Just stopped by Good Times in salem NH..
    place is pretty sick

    picked up an ash catcher and another diffuser..
    second day I get it, I drop it on the ground and break it.. :mad:
    just bought this one as replacement :smoke:






  2. looks nice man ...i bet it rips hard as hell!!!

    can you clue me in to what the diffuser is? is it in the downstem? thanks, peace

    btw, how much did that set you back?
  3. Thanks dude..
    yeah im hoping to get some nice action pics soon.. hopefully tonight

    the diffuser is the down stem, but its called a diffuser because of the end opening.


    the one on the bottom is a diffuser. If you look at the bottom, you can see that it has about 20 small holes blown, instead of just one big opening. Makes the bong fillllllllll with smoke.
  4. Wow can we get some picks or a video of you hittin that thing. How much you pay for it.
  5. Youu lucky son of a bitch. ROOR bongs are soo nice. Have fun w/ that. :smoke:
  6. Very nice. I'm jealous...
  7. Its a nice looking bong, how much did that cost you?
  8. nice, very nice.

    i want one now.
  9. God, im not evern going to lie, i really want one, i wish i could get ahold of one, that looks so fucking nice, is it hard to keep clean.
  10. Wow im am so jelious, those are some super sick man
  11. ive been seriously thinking about ordering a roor, are they really worth it? I already have a ccg bong and bubbler
  12. Which images are yours?

    They aren't all ones you've taken as some show a US made diffuser and the closeup shows a german made one.

    So guessing I'd say you got a US ash catcher or diffuser alone? Either way whats with the euro if it's roor US? Different diffuser (main)?
  13. Looks sexy, don't drop it now. ;)
  14. nice, no ice?
  15. Thanks for the comments guys.. This thing rips, I am in love with roors, I will probally never stop buying them. If anyone is just a little bit intrested in getting one, start doing the research, they are well worth getting! :smoke:

    There was ice in the pic of me ripping it, but there is too much smoke so you cant see it :cool:

    Ars; All those images are mine. I took all of them. I bought the roor from rome which came with a german diffuser. Just days ago, I bought an american ash catcher and also a american diffuser from a local head shop. They are all being used.

    Ok, since everyone is intrested im just going to post how much everything cost..

    [all in US dollars]

    Bong (RooR icemaster 5.0)...... $205.00
    Diffuser (german made)...... $40.00
    Extra Bowl..... $14.00
    Ash catcher (american made).... $70.00
    Diffuser (american made)...... $30.00

  16. I wouldn't even bother with the american one unless you have to... nothing like that hand worked german glass man :)
  17. omg. can i make sweet sweet love with your bong
  18. you can have sloppy seconds :D
  19. can you order roor pieces online?

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