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  1. [​IMG]

    Was excited to post up some pics of my new toy. 7mm feels like a tank and rips like a beast!!
  2. Damn son that looks nice!

    Enjoy that shit!
  3. Has that been verified real? I am not a RooR expert.
  4. My friend just got the same one and it's fake, it has to say made in Germany on the bottom. But it's a nice bong anyway
  5. ^ Wrong there are american not just
  6. Looks like pretty thick glass
  7. Guys it a real us roor verified in the real fake thread. Thanks for all the comments she's a beast.
  8. if you post a good bong it should be mandatory to upload a milk vid *wink wink*
  9. Nice bong man, regardless of authenticity.
  10. There is real american roor, however this ones fake cause the trademark is on the top right as opposed to the bottom right. And it shouldnt have that design by the slide. Im not an expert but i did rea a forum on understanding the difference between a real roor and a fake one. Either way it doesnt matter. Its a badass bong that im sure functions well. Enjoy.
  11. How is the authenticity even in question? It's REAL. And it's REAL nice
  12. How is it not a question. Every roor ive seen with signatures like that is fake.
  13. What are you talking about that is a pretty good sig compared to fake ones i've seen and there is only one sig so that's another point to authentic. The trademarks are on the bottom right of the label and on the downstem :confused:
  14. Smh.....

    Your such a ignorant little child. The fake sig that is so common is a single line with one color though the whole sig. This is also SOMEONE'S NAME nor just a little design on the side. The sig has two colors, the label, joint and Ice pinches all look so on point. I have two
    Roors I got from 42 degrees in Ann Arbor, so I know what the real deal looks like. Not like what ever Indian owned headshop you go to.
  15. Lol what are you getting angry about? Did you not read my comment about just reading a thread. I dont mean to question it im just trying to find out every wayto tell if a roor is fake. I guess its my fault for thinking that this thread would consist of intelligent adults as opposed to little kids that get angry cause someone has questioned you. lol grow up.
  16. I read your two posts in this Thead about how your dumb ass friend got ripped off with a fake, and this is fake too. I'm not mad at all, I'm laughing at you and your extreme ignorance.
  17. well it wasnt my post cause idk anyone that just got a roor? Lol just relax already nobody is being ignorant your just being a drama queen.
  18. Thanks for the love guys.

    Cj no ones mad where just laughing at you for calling a real roor fake! Now your clogging my thread with some bs so just chill. Piece has been verified by the experts in the roor legit thread. That's the best place on here for you to learn your roor facts before shooting off your mouth.

  19. OooOoOooOOooOooO .... O.O *Anxiously awaits Sick and Natsy's Reply(with popcorn i might add)*

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