New Toy Thread (Not Smoking Related)

Discussion in 'General' started by stevizzy, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Did a search today to see if there were any prior threads about new toys.  Lots of stuff with bongs etc., but since I just got an awesome new toy, I thought I'd ask other folks to show off all their cool toys.  Tech, Automotive, Bikes..anything you just got and are really enjoying.  I love music with really good sound and nice video,so here's my latest toy.  This thing just blows me away.  With the right earphones, this like hearing a direct feed from the studio to your brain.  Simply Awesome   BUT....don't expect to play MP3 files here!!!!   This thing is Hi-Rez sound.  
    I'm using it with two pair of "phones".  My favorite, Etymotics ER4P, the other Bose.  Yeah, the Bose sucks but it's comfortable on airplanes.

  2. Thought this was about dildos and sex toys. My mind is too dirty. I apologize sir.
  3. Play "Bolero" by Ravel on this thing and you'll have a Mental Orgasm
  4. I think we all thought that lol.

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