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New toy - phire legacy

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by imnickim, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Got a new piece on 420 at smoke rings. Thought I would show some pictures and see what people think.


    I dont know if its really called an inline ash catcher or thats just what the guy told me but either way most of the build up doesnt make it to the inline perc.

    I dont know much about this piece but it hits amazing. The guy told me the stone never needs to be replaced and to clean it with alcohol. when i dont use the carbon filter there is a hugeee difference. the only bad part about it would have to be that i am so used to the filter that hitting a bong without one hurts so much.

    wow I knew i forgot something haha. the bong was priced at $500 and i was told they dont do half off 420 deals because there stuff is already marked down, idk if thats true or not because i cant find this type anywhere. the carbon filter was priced at $110 and the red thing was $8 bucks, deff tricked me into that one, coulda gotten cheaper online. i didnt want to risk breaking it when clearing it so i just got it then. he threw in a bottle of 420 cleaner.

    marked it down from $500 to $350
    got it all for $420
  2. How much did you pay for it?
  3. That design is usually called a stemline. As it's not truely an ash-catcher because it's a perc within the bong. A/C's are meant to keep ash from ever getting in the bong.

    It still uses the horizontal diffusion that an inline would use, but it's a fixed stem within a tube. True inlines are usually longer and don't fit in a straight tube. They usually have a wider section for the inline.

    However, this is a pretty cool design, I bet the extra distance the smoke travels to get to the stemline diffuser helps preserve some taste.

    I don't really like Phire that much, but this design is pretty cool. I'm sure you it was priced pretty well also.
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    I really like that.That long ass joint will act as a dry chamber.If that bitch was gridded and the grids went up I would rather have that over a sg stemlline.
  5. Post a milk video!
  6. i cant milk it yet without coughing my brains out but im working on it haha
  7. ash catcher/diffuser addition? try holding it at different angles to produce the best diffusion.
  8. Thats an interesting idea. Tilting it to the left or right while hitting would reduce drag but probably give less diffusion.
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    it doesnt take very much water to fill it up at all, i almost rather everything be moved up a few inches so that the water could have longer to cool the smoke down. the ice catcher being so low though helps. the water needs to be right at the top of the inline perc and when u pull it swishes around the glass above mixing it more and looks pretty cool
  10. You should throw up a quick vid just a dry run even just to show the diffusion it provides
  11. Ill be real. You got ripped off man.
  12. dude that looks legit. I especially love how that stem goes straight through the tube.

    I'm not trying to hate, just trying to get informed, but I have read around myths about Phire being China glass or something. Am I totally off and misinformed because it looks quality to me.
  13. Thats pretty nice man. Very different compared to all the other stemlines.

    Doesn't really fit my style, but it is sick. The carbon filter makes the bowl stick up way to high in my opinion.( does that to any piece though)

    I think it would be sick to have a piece, with some sort of built in carbon filter, to rid that problem
  14. I read the same thing so I asked where there from and he said cally. its definitely not a light bong by any means. idk if its for sure from cally or not but im pretty confident to say its not from china.

  15. He wasn't suggesting it was from china; he was suggesting the glass used to make the tube is from China, which I wouldn't count out.
  16. looks like a pretty cool bong, but definitely got sort of ripped off by a sheisty ass headshop employee...

    and as far as the china glass debate goes, if i'm correct it's a lot of china blanks and perks assembled in the US. could be wrong, but im pretty sure.
  17. wow 420..
    I hope you're rich enough to make that mistake.

  18. And if my aunt had 2 balls she'd be my uncle.
  19. i know its not cheap, ill be the first to say spending that much on any glass is pretty much a waste but i dont think i made that big of a mistake. i could have gotten another bong with a tree perc instead of the carbon filter for the same price but i decided the attachment would b more beneficial in the long run since all the glass i buy is 18in and i like how clean it makes the hit, and keeps the bong clean.

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