New town, no dealer :/

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  1. I've had the same regular dealer for years now. And now that I live 4 hours away from him, I gota find someone new to go to :( do you know how hard that is?! Ugh, the only people I've met who smoke, don't deal and really don't know anyone who does. I'm going crazy! My man doesn't smoke and the people he works with don't either lol. Ahhh this sucks :(
  2. Step 1 Get a med card.
    Step 2 Find a dispensary
  3. I have heard that some jobs will exclude you just because you have a green card. I always wanted a green card but I'm afraid I won't find any work with it.

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  4. If he's in Texas, there's no way in hell that's happening haha

    Just gotta get out there, OP. Maybe ask your friends for a hookup? They might say no, but it takes for them to trust you. People are sus about that. Loose lips sink ships

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  5. Anybody close to ft worth?
  6. i keep saying this in every thread where the OP is looking for a new dealer. 
    but try craigslist! it's the best! totally not cops.
    i'm pretty sure that you are NOT required to disclose that you have a green card since it violates medical privacy laws like HIPAA. Also, there is no national database of all the green cards issued, at least not in california, so unless you self report, the company you work for will have no idea. Places like WA or CO might actually have a database of patients, but others do not.
    the only thing I know for a fact that you can't do while you have your green card is owning a gun.
  8. I never feel sorry for people who say this. I have moved so many times and been through so many dealers. You just have to ask, man. Moved to Durham last month and literally the very first person I asked had some in his pocket and sold it to me 10 seconds later (was a mcdonald's employee we were in a tobacco shop). Don't be such a puss. 
  9. Go to a headshop
  10. Don't be a puss haha? Trust me, I've asked people. I don't work at McDonalds either, I work at a classy restaurant where not everyone smokes weed. And like I said, the people I have asked, don't sell. They'll only have a tiny bit for personal use.
    I just moved to Fort Worth in July and this is my first big move in my life,, so this is new to me. I've always had a large group of friends and I never had to go far to find weed. I now live 4 hours away from them and can't.. it sucks :(
  11. Oh ffs wear a t-shirt that says "I'm looking for weed. Hit me up if you know where I can get some."
  12. I've thought about it I'm just skeptical.. I'm a 21 year old girl and I'm not tootin my own horn, but I'm not horrible looking. I'm just scared that it won't be a weed exchange. I have an 8 month old baby to take care of and I'm not about to put myself in a dangerous situation over weed. Trust me, I know I sound way too paranoid lol and it's not like a weed dealer is the same as a coke dealer in any way, and that the danger levels are very different. I'm just super cautious b/c I have been to sketchy deals
  13. sounds kinda paranoid to me man its weed not crack anyone who has it or has a link for it will be more then happy to send business someones way as long as you don't come off as some sketchy fiend or something

    time to put on the big girl pants and go be social lol

  14. I'm in the same boat as you. I had the same guy for 6 years and it was top stuff and great prices. Now I recently moved and the couple friends here never have anything. But today I deiced to sell a couple skate boards I have so, I made a flyer and went to the skate park. Had a bunch of people talking to me. Skater kids like 17-22 and I just asked. Well mission accomplished :bongin: and now I have a guy I can call. Not as good or cool as my last guy but still good. I miss just going over and hanging out. I always knew what he was working on and when things would be ready and we would chill among the plants just BS'ing.
  15. lucky!! I'm not a skater haha so I'll have to find a different way to meet fellow stoners :p
    What if she lived outside the US? Med cards and dispensaries are a huge privilege limited to a very few countries. 
  17. I heard yik yak is great for finding a new dealer
  18. Well I meant the dude I asked worked at McDonald's, I don't haha fuck that place. But even so, I work in a lab, at a professional Fortune 500 company and have managed to cop a bag from a coworker. You must come across as a narc or something lol. She didn't sell either, but she knows people who do! You gotta find someone willing to be the middle-man for a little while...gotta get in with a coworker you know smokes. 
    I guess if it's your first big move it can be a bit nerveracking and whatnot, I wouldn't really know cause I'm only 23 but have moved every 2-4 years my whole life - lived in 7 states and muuuultiple different cities within those 7 states so yeh...4 hours isn't even that bad man, not bad at all. I live 7 hours from dad, 12 hours from mom, 9 hours from brother, 14 hours from aunt/uncle/cous, and 16 hours from grandparents :( You cann work it out!!
    Just don't use craigslist. Please, don't. Not for weed.
  19. phaha I'm not using craigslist. I just feel like I'm annoying when I go through a middle-man though lol. That sucks that you had to move so much :/ I loved living in one place my whole life. But thanks for the encouragement lol. And the restaurant I worked at just closed down the other day :( so now I have to wait to find a new job, and make friends there and scope everyone out lol.
    But on the bright side, my one and only friend who sells just brought me a gram. So I'm good :) (Y)
  20. Lol neither am I. One of the kids was all sketched out. I heard him tell another kid "I think he's 5-0" lol

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