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  1. damn dude i know the feeling. my lw inline tube came with his disc diffused disk... then my roommate broke it so we had to settle for a normal push.. as soon as i ripped it with the new bowl i could tell the difference.
  2. Haha yeah you love that disc/circ. But so does everyone else who ownes one. 521 got me hooked on mine haha.
  3. I'm getting a Stand Up soon, thinking of getting rid of it and another tube for an inline/13. But... we shall see.
  4. Sick toro glass :)

    How are you liking the double jointed TC?
  5. Trash Catcher is AWESOME. I'm so glad my friend is letting me borrow his til' mine arrives. Helps with the cleanliness too.
  6. Radio, you have no idea how jelous you just made me.

    Great pickup.
  7. Radio- Just picked up that ashcatcher with the double joint/bubbler attachment and im absoultely loving it-both with my KC and alone. How much it run you?

    Nice toros btw. :hello:
  8. Where do you even get Toros? Illadelph has a website with a dealer locator, does Toro have anything like that? I only ask cause my friend got an SG and Toro at a local headshop, but they got shut down...
  9. lol the dealer locater on illy's website is trash.

    i went to one of the "authorized dealers" in san antonio and all i saw was a shelf full of pure's and ads' :mad:

    but no, toro doesnt have anything like that to my knowledge. i pretty sure you will not find a toro in houston, ive been to every good shop there.

    if i remember correctly there is a place in tx called dragons breath that may possibly have some. i think its in tyler..
  10. if your looking for a toro you should talk to people on GC, they are very helpful and knowledgeable . I live in michigan and we don't have any toros either but I've made some small talk with some of these people so that I can purchase one in the near future.

    **crosses fingers and thinks about the end of summer**

    edit- OT nice work RF you have an amazing Toro collection.
  11. Toro has a handfull of shops in the US that carry their product. Their most prevalently found around the upper East coast area, and mainly in New York (they are based out of Ithaca). You can't find them online, but if you are lucky you may be able to find a shop willing to ship.
  12. can someone explain to me why the trashcatcher is double joint? cant someone just get a curvy mouthpiece and keck clip it to the bottom joint?
  13. Lots of people with regular trashcatchers have done that and I've been meaning to get one myself. I can't answer as to why Toro decided to do that but can tell you that I do really like my double jointed TC along with my regular ones. It's probably just a twist on the design and it does work very well.
  14. yes some of the toro trashcatchers are double jointed to convert into a bubbler with the mouth piece extension
  15. op- how much did that teal label run you?
    ive been considering getting a toro my friend has a white label and it hits o so nice.

    i wanna get a teal label toro with an el hefe slide :)
  16. hey radio do any of those hit any better than my roor?

    kidding... anyways,
    im out of town for the weekend but when i get back we should session again it was fun. hit me up when you can next week and well set it up.

    keep up the sick glass! :smoke:

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