New Toro- Tubes and More- Pics

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  1. Figured I would show off some Toro that I brought home today. Shitty pics, off to work but milk is going to be here.

    Let's start the festivities of shittay pics.


    6/13 Teal Label Fixed Stem

    6/Circ Fixed Stem

    Trash Catcher

    More to come next week, can't wait.
  2. OMG, That teal label is so hot, nice pickup as always Radio Flyer!:hello:
  3. damn good pick up RF. I am definately jealous haha :D
  4. Assholee...
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    EDIT: sick stuff. some lucky people out there...
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    nice pick ups
  7. Nice pickups RF...not much feels better than a few new Toro's to play with :).
  8. yo how much did that 6/13 fixed stem run heading up to gotham in a few weeks and that is exactly what i want! I just want to make sure i bring enough cash
  9. Go in there with just under a grand and you will walk out with some nice glass.

  10. Great pickups Radio, looks like someone's gonna be having a lot of fun the next few days ;)
  11. those r sexyy
  12. I will be getting a 7/13 next you convinced me radio
  13. Yeah, the 6/13 or 7/13 are very nice tubes. I like the way it hit's a lot, but I like the disc/ circ a little more.
  14. FUCKING GORGEOUS tubes. Wish i had me one.
  15. oh yea? have not hit a circa yet, do you find that you most likely couldn't/wouldn't switch back to a normal slide after using the "ice pinch"?:hello:
  16. I like the ice pinch better on all of my tubes. Less effort to draw in the smoke.
  17. yea, that would be the point of it right?! don't make me out to be ignorant jk lol but ya thats y i got rid of my inline the other day cuz it was 14mm and my ice pinch slide is 18mm and i hated all the drag comin off the inline with this shitty 14mm slide..anyways do you know if they had chubblers?
  18. very nice tubes. also like the two joints on the trash catcher to use it as a bubbler.
  19. LOVE IT! one day... one day... i keep telling myself... that teal TORO logo haunts me in my sleep

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