New TORO Double Perc!!!

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  1. just bought a new toro double perc and i LOVE it!!! it is the smoothest bong i ever hit. The bong was 900 and they threw in this sick 100 dollar slide for free!!! it has a cool design on it and it looks like a crown.
    i also bought my first glass rod and it works great, tastes very clean.
    the glass rod also has a opal stone in it too.

    i took a few pic of my other bong too, its old, the roor sticker is even starting to wear off.

    so what do you guys think!??!?:smoke:

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  2. You paid a lot more than that tube is worth but it's still a hell of a piece. For a reference, I paid $850 for one back when they were rare outside of NY state and $100 of that was payment to the middleman for shipping it to me. Now a days they go for around $700 in shops. They gouge the fuck out of them out west though.

    That slide is done by Mike Fro.
  3. yea paid a little extra for that tube but regardless its the best tube out there
  4. Dude that bong is a great piece of art work. I don't know if I'd pay $900 for a bong though :cool:
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    yeah, i knew i was paying more than what it cost, but i wanted it sooo bad! everything in the shop where i bought it is overpriced, so i kinda knew a bit, but i got a really nice slide for free(was 100) so that kinda made it better.
  6. should of just brought it off the internet.
  7. Holy your a baller. Nice bong and bowl. Diggin the bowl, can you get a better shot of the work on the perc?
  8. yeah ill take shots later today again.
  9. Nice setup, I really like the slide with the heat wand. I don't know much about Toro but you overpayed for sure. The slide only partially makes up for it
  10. TOROS have WOW FACTOR to them i dont know why i wanna own one or a SGW waffle. my 2 dream tubes :D.

    900 though holy shit.
  11. Is that a 8/13?

    And thats a Fro slide if it hasn't been said.
  12. Sick tube man, cant wait to see/hear how it rips :D!
  13. Great stuff! Toro bongs are indeed expensive but well worth the money. Not only do they hit exceptionally well, but they are works of art and one of a kind.

    Lets see a milkshot of that boss!
  14. I don't know about one of a kind.. unless you exclusively mean the worked dome on the perc.
  15. Nice Toro man! I have always wanted one like that, except with a green label. And gorgeous bowl!
  16. badass TORO. Even if some go for $700 in other parts of the country thats just how it goes. I probably overpaid filling up my gas tank today knowing its cheaper in other parts of the country. Its all good and at $900 with the free Fro slide. $700 and $900 is not that much of a difference when already forking that amount over when it comes to limited supply and high demand. Congrats!:cool:
  17. yeah, i dont care that i paid more, that what i should expect buying it from a shop and not offline.

    does anyone know of any crazy/cool showerheads, inlines, ashcatchers that would go good with my toro?

    ill have new pics up today once i clean it.

  18. get a Salt a/c from ALT
  19. I currently own a disc diffuser to tree perc, but I really wish I got the double perc. Seems like a much better deal.

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