New Toro =D Lots of pics!

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  1. Alright so me and my housemate bought this beautiful little baby prob about 2 months back and the ashcatcher sometime in february i believe. I've been meaning to get pics of her up but always ended up dirtying it before i could get a camera out lol How can you blame me? But i finally got a chance to get her nice and clean and then i dirtied it again literally 5 minutes later :D oh yeah thats also my new volcano. Love both of them so far. totally worth the money invested. Hope you enjoy GC. without further ado . . .


    Sorry bout the dinginess, i dunno why only the 13-arm is all cloudy inside :/

  2. That is a sexy beast my friend. I hope you enjoy the fuck out it ^_______^
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    That is a SICK tube! I'm actually in the process of looking for a something to something Toro. I currentley own a fixed stem treeless perc (single) and would like to upgrade. How does the 13 arm perform? All of the arms firing and what not?

    Also soak and rinse it with some distilled vinegar, it will take out your hard water spots. Always rinse with filtered or bottled water!

    Rep for sick tube
  4. Dude does anywhere on the web sell those? I cannot find them anywhere near me and I want one just like that.

    Guess I will have to start looking a little harder.

    Nice piece man.
  5. you been savin up? so spendy :( but god damn nice tube.

    volc and toro. mmmm nothing else needed

  6. Wow awesome advice on the vinegar, ill have to give it a try :D +rep right back at ya. Also the 13 arms work awesome, i just let everyone who hits it know that the more vertical they hold it the better the diffusion will be, but damn, when you milk it nice and slow and then rip it, it crushes juuuust right :p

    oh and i got both toros at NY Gifts, i dont know where to order toro offline, sorry brah.

    Thanks for all the kind words GC!
  7. Thats a sick Toro! Props on the set up.

  8. That is where I got mine from!! Did they have any others? Any circ to anything?
  9. Thats is a BAD ASS unit. I am really liking the a/c. I have been looking for the exact same style, but smaller.

  10. yeah they had a few others in there, they did have a circ to circ but i really like the variety of percs on this guy :D Me and my friend also liked this worked section the best so we copped it. Oh yeah they threw in a free bag too
  11. best glass out there
  12. That tube is sick and that showerhead A/C looks dope too. Hope it's treating you as nicely as I know you're treating it:smoke:

    I think ALT is your best bet. Hit me up with a pm if you'd like a link!
  13. oh it is :D one snap does the trick if youre going somewhere, i love it.
  14. i'm gonna go w/ SG, but they're def right up there w/ em

    sick setup dude, congrats!
  15. B-E-A-UTIFUL mna. lovin the a/c
  16. thanks GC, yeah i love the circulator too, things incredible. I'd rec the a/c to anyone lookin for one
  17. [​IMG]
    how much was the whole bong set-up?
  18. Shit . Truely jelous of you there. How much was it? THe bong itself and the a/c too?

  19. Yeah dude, check out Full Melt Glass they carry a shit load of ridiculous water stuff. good place to spend a loottttttt of cash.

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