new toro 8-arm A/C

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  1. just picked this up yesterday from big als. i got it to replace my roor ash catcher because that one has way to much splash back.
    this was the only one out of 6 others that fit my bong, the bse of alll the others touched it, but im glad because i like how this label goes with my bong.
    its 9-arm if you include the big hole in the middle of the tree.
    it hits very nicely.
    it was a little hard to take a picture from the bottom percs sorry its blurry

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  2. nicee fucking bong
  3. where did you get that roor man? i have never seen a roor inline. esp not one as sick as that. im in love i think.
  4. its cutom :)
  5. it use to be a double perc triple chamber straight tube but i broke the bottom perc and had the bong reblown

    SHHHH its a RooR inline now ;)

  6. nice im lovin franken roors

  7. I believe his roor broke, so he got a inline and had some1 put them together and the turn out was that. Came out good.
  8. Looks great man, I smoked an 8-arm Toro AC just like that a while back and man was it amazing. Love the custom inline and the RooR too.

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