new too the site and I have a unique problem

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by wolfpacker58, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, I have a unique problem I have 7 sexed female plants growing 2 white widow 2 Northern lights and 3 durban poison. my plants are planted about 4- 5 feet apart. the white widow plants are about 6 feet tall and the northern lights are about 7 feet tall. both strains are in the early stages of flowering. my durban poison plants are 10.5 feet tall and have not began budding. the durban plants are begining to shade out the others because they are so much bigger. I never guessed my plants would get to be this size. They were started indoors in march and then put outside in mid april. the stem at the ground is over 3 inches in diameter. should i cut the tops out of my durban so the others can get more sun or just let them go as is? I tried bending them over, this is only a temperary fix because within a week they were even taller than before.

    I beleive the reason my plants are so big is because they are being grown in an old Hog farm where Hogs were raised years ago, the area has grown up now but for years there were pigs raised there and the soil is umbeleivably fertile. I have also been foiliar feeding once a week during the entire veg period. this works incredible ive found. I have stopped now that flowering has began and swithed to soil applied bloom booster nutes..

    any suggestions would be appreciated

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