new too hid lighting need a quick answer

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  1. i got this 250w hps bulb from a friend and i really need to know if i could or if there was a ballast i could use in my normal house wall outlet. any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED and will help me tremendously as i am too poor to pay for new wiring. thank you in advance
  2. Any 250w HPS ballast will make it work.They work in regular recepticals.
  3. kool :). but can i just plug it straight into the wall or do i have to get a technition to come out and change my fuse box and outlets to handle the power load?:confused:
  4. What? 250 watts is like 1/4th of a microwave, I dont think you need a special electrician unless you needed one to plug in a space heater or toaster oven.

    You take your light, put it in a socket, have socket connect to ballast, ballast connects to wall.

    You need a 250watt rated ballast.

    You really need to understand 250watts is nothing, thats like 4 normal household bulbs man. All you need is a ballast and socket to twist your bulb into.
  5. I said it would already

  6. Sorry I must be reading it wrong, doesnt make sense?

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