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New Tokers: A Warning

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CD Clock, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    there's a lot of misinformation out there and the general attitude on the internet about cannabis is that it's relatively harmless.

    This is true when it's used in small amounts. However, cannabis is still a drug and you still smoke it. If abused, it will wreck havoc on your lungs and screw you up emotionally. It's addictive in the sense that the addiction sneaks up on you... it's so easy to get high and go on with your day that the addiction can be pretty benign, but it can still become a crutch for dealing with painful emotions.

    Just be aware, and be safe.
  2. delete this crap.
  3. sex is addicting in the same way as pot.... its fun and feels fucking wonderful, should we no longer have sex? I think sex is harder on the lungs as well...
  4. Fuck yo couch !
  5. This could be said for anything. Substitute alcohol for cannabis. Hell, substitute WoW for cannabis. People can get hooked on anything and take it to an unhealthy level.

    In my research, if you want to do a drug that does the least harm (both long and short term) to your body, then cannabis is the drug for you. This is coming from a non-smoker.
  6. You have bigger things to worry about CD Clock, like food.

    It's the leading cause of death in the United States. Cannabis is fucking harmless compared to that fucking McDonald's you ate last week.

    Feel me?
  7. You just have to use it in moderation, really. It's hard to look at people who literally can't go a day without smoking.
  8. Yeah well the sun causes skin cancer so should we stop going outside? No. And as far as addiction goes you could call me addicted to cannibis - i smoked for about 500 days w/o breaks, normally about 1-2 grams a day and i am now taking a T-break for 4/20 and so far i have had aboslutely no mental change since starting the break. Im just as happy as before.
  9. Salon Column | Turning orange

  10. no where in op's post did i see where he says not to smoke, chill out people. is marijuana bad? no. is it as great as everybody here wants it to be? no. some people can't handle it, it's really not for everybody.
  11. That's not for us to decide though, which is why we leave them to themselves.

    He made it pretty clear it will "wreak emotional havoc"

    ...that's just not true.

    I understand everything should be used in moderation, but with this particular substance, it's actually entirely benign. Sure you can abuse it and waste your life away, but Halo 3 does that too.
  12. actually it says screw you up emotionally, which is true in some cases. it's in the minority im sure, but still.
  13. it is only addictive in the sense that anything enjoyable is worth seeking. If i like milk, and one day, find myself really wanting a glass of milk, am i addicted ? No.
  14. I haven't seen marijuana "wreck havoc" (fixed) on people's emotions, only those who already have mental conditions, latent or not. (which I believe is this minority you speak of)

    Everyone's emotional, and some are more or less emotional when under the influence of cannabis, but cannabis isn't to blame for emotional havoc. Munchies, maybe.

  15. damn, I bet that would taste real fresh. :smoke:
  16. #17 Iowa Fresh, Apr 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 7, 2011
    no no no, it's "wreck havoc on your lungs and screw you up emotionally", geesh. and all im saying is that is true for some people...and yes, it's well in the minority.

  17. Sorry I've meant no negative vibes, I just like to single out people that seem decently smart and discuss shit. I apologize if you took it the wrong way

    I might even agree with you

  18. i will agree with op that marijuana can be very mentally addictive but its better than being an alcoholic or a hard drug addict. also pot my damage your lungs if smoke j's and blunts all day but if one uses glass or vapes theyll be fine.
  19. The OP is going to look so silly when one day research shows that marijuana actually strengthens emotional stability and heals lungs.

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