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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Crispycritter5906, Jan 16, 2023.

  1. So i bought a arizer q2 vaporizer and im still learning but i learned from a person to first vape 2 bags at 180c then 2 at 200c finally a bag at 220c. Im wondering if this is necesary or is their a general heat to use without these steps im using a fine ground flower if it matters.
  2. Different heating setting imply different terpes are burnt or used for a differing stone, hard to describe but in public I fly at 315F for no smell also no taste anything less gives variable results theirs a chart sumplce Ill look

    at 315F im getting that delta 9, and anything less, anything above 315F Im not toking as the heat don't reach that far, in private I'll toke at the 350 for a full toke

  3. Thanks that helps alot

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