New to Vaporizing - Best Vape for Herb Only

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by babyfirefly187, Nov 3, 2014.

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    I need to get a vaporizer soon. I've read a lot of reviews and posts on this forum, but everyone's opinions contradict each others.
    I've always smoked weed out of a pipe or bong and that was that; there seems to be a thousand different ways to do things now.
    I don't like concentrates or dabs or any of that.
    I need a vaporizer, preferably a vape pen (I like the size), but I need a knowledgeable smoker's input.
    Please give me some advice as soon as possible; I want to purchase one today.
    Keep in mind, I only smoke dry herb and I don't have 3 or 4 bills to throw at it. I saw a few reviews on the Snoop Dogg G Pen, which seems to be perfect except for it burns the dry herb (?). Then I saw one on the MigCig Torpedo - they say it does vaporize the weed. I've seen countless other names, but I need a simple answer that applies to me.
    Thanx ~

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    T-Vape 2.0.............180.00  (Vape pen form factor that can actually vaporize dry herbs)
  3. If you want something small and portable I would recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box.

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  4. V2 Pro Series 3 works for me. Does E-liquids, dry herbs and the wax/concentrate cartridge is coming out soon. $69.99 for the pen and e-liquid cartridge, $24.99 for the dry herb cartridge. $94.98 total.
    Imag is another one that I've heard works but I've never personally tested. I've never used or tested the T-Vape either.
    MFLB is also a good one at $119. It just has a bit of a learning curve. 
    If you jump up to the $249 range then you can start looking into the Pax but it's bigger than a pen. It also has much better vapor quality than the V2 so you'll just have to weigh your priorities. 
    Which ones are you leaning towards?

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