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  1. Im totally new to it. What would I need to use one? Are there good one for around 80-100$?
    How to use it for the most part.
    I usually use a pipe is all.
  2. I highly suggest the MFLB (Magic Flight Launch Box). Ive had mine for about a year now. you can find them online anywhere between $70 and $100 bucks. Its a super simple little pocket vaporizer that uses rechargeable batteries. It also has a lifetime warrantee from the manufacturer.
  3. Read the whole first post.

    "The best part though?
    My initial disappointment faded over this time, because it seemed like the more I vaped and the less I smoked, the more efficient it was, the more stoned/high I was getting.
    At this point (I'm don't have a giant tolerance) I can sit pretty on one bag full of vapour for more'n an hour, or if I want to get completely wasted - I'll have two.
    So, vaping works REALLY well for me." - RandomThoughts
  4. So do you have to use less MJ to get same percentage of thc flow?

  5. yes you use a considerable amount less. i remember using around .2 or so to pack up the volcano & i'd be right for a few hours.

    plus you can save all your vaped bud & save it up to reuse
  6. you dont exactly have to use less... :smoke: but its a nice perk. also I love baking with my vaped bud.
  7. me and my bros been looking for vaporizers we found a list of them
  8. What I can tell you about my beloved vaporizer, is that it gets me rip shit stoned each and every time I use it. I can't say the same for glass. (if used on a regular basis)

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