New to Vaporizers. Help will be greatly appreciated

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Erra, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. I have never used or owned a vaporizer. I just recently found one sitting in some bushes at a park. I was surprised and I don't know what I need or what brand it is. It heats up and turns on.
    What do I need to get tokin' and what brand is it? The model number on it is VR001#

  2. did it come with a hose?
    It only came with the actual base so just the vaporizer. What am I missing to it?
  4. I wouldn't inhale from that if it was brand spankin' new, let alone finding it in the park.  
    I'm only looking to use it just because I never used one before and probably sell it to a friend if I don't like it. It didn't come with a hose and it looked like it was barely placed there also. 
  6. That's a cheap Chinese vapor brothers knock off. I would not use it. It's cheaply produced with no concern of the health of the consumer. A guy who posts here got multiple chemical sensitivity from cheap Chinese vapes. Throw it away and get a real deal vape. There's tons of options out there.
    The bottom of it looks really cheap. I will just toss it or sell it for cheap. Thanks for the fast answer! Any good vapes for a first timer? My price range is pretty high.
  8. Now we're talking. It's nice to see a new vaporist that actually wants advice and doesn't immediately shoot back with a shitty remark. What are you looking for out of your vape? Price range, efficiency, bag, whip, dual functionality, water capability, heavy hitter, portable, desktop, etc..
    I only do dabs and herb but I always wanted to use a desktop vaporizer. I want one with the best efficiency/heavy hitter.
  10. You should definitely check out log vapes then. There's only three big brands and one of them requires a waiting list last time I checked and that's heat island. The other two are the e nano and the underdog. All of which deliver huge hits on minimal herbs. I'm uncertain of the use of concentrates with them though. PH has a couple of logs and I'm sure he could answer that question though.
  11. Concentrates through a log have to be done the typical way you would use them with most herb vaporizers. Pretty much means it has to be vaped on a bed of herb, cotton, steal wool, etc for the most part. They have enough power to vaporizer it if you just put it on the screen but its very messy and wasteful to do it that way in my experience. Log vapes are pretty much the way to go if you value efficiency and heavy hitting at the same time imo.
  12. "found it in a park" you brought it home??
    im dying
  13. What's the best log vape?

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  14. There isnt a best really its just kind of what ever fits you better. I find it hard to recommend the Heat Island though because the wait list is so long. Im pretty partial to the underdog my self but thats mostly because of the wood selection they have. All of them work phenomenally though and are all based off the same design pretty much.
  15. I'm looking at underdog and enano depending on what design I want. I'm not trying to be on a wait list for Heat Island so I want it within a week after I buy one lol.

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  16. Between those its basically what do you value more, Exotic wood or integrated voltage control? Also kind of sucks because you cant get the VVPS directly from underdog right now but you can use it just fine with out variable voltage and there are other ways to get one like a cheap tattoo supply or voltage keeper.
    Here's a thread with posts of people who have owned all three logs, the UD, the E-Nano and the Hi with comparisons between each.   Might be worth a look-see:
    Yeah, not quite sure why.   There are other threads that seem to go on forever.   Subjective call by the mods.    FC ain't perfect but for overall comprehensive info on vapes, I still think it's the best resource.
  19. Been looking into log vapes, will likely be my next vape purchase. How do I get on the HI list?

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