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New to vaping

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HerbLady, May 11, 2011.

  1. Just got my first vaporizer--the V-Tower by Arizer. I have a couple of questions. What is the optimum temp? And do you still have to hold in the vapor like you do smoke? I was told that once the vapor is in your lungs, it's a done deal--no need to hold it in.
  2. You will hear lots of debate on that. I use the extreme Q from arizer and I don't know if different models are different in their temp measurement, but this is what I do:

    Set the temp on 200C and after it warms up I make a bag (haven't tried the whip yet) on fan speed 2 or 3. After that is consumed, I stir the herb in the bowl and reheat it at 210C and blow up a bag on speed 1. If the herb still looks like it can produce some more, I stir and make one more bag on fan speed 1 and around 225C.

    I do remove the bowl from the heater between bags.

    I hold it in for maybe 5 seconds and that's it. Works very well for me.
  3. I think 375F is a good temp. Vapor gets absorbed quicker but after hitting the vape you need to keep inhaling so the vapor is pushed down farther into your lungs and you absorb more.
  4. I have extreme q and i like 185c or 190c, whipping the elbows all day
  5. I want one so bad! I don't have much to add; 350-375 F seems like the general consensus--a little cooler for elbow hits apparently. Hold that in just like anything else for optimum results.

    If I may--where'd you get yours? And when are we going to hang out?
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    90% of the time with my extreme q from arizer i like to start it at 180 C, let the packed bowl heat up on there for about 5 minutes, then fill a bag on fan 3, so the second bag is 190, then 200,

    sometime for the last (usually 4th) i like to crank it up to 225 or 230 just be sure im getting everything, but it can get a bit harsh at those temps,

    its all about personal preference, when i first got my vape i looked up one optimum temps and was confused, i didnt realy get vaping temps until i messed around with diffent ones to see the effects, ive had a vape for a few weeks and i already have different methods and temps for different mood im in etc.. like if im goin to work i wont let it get above 200, but if im trying to sleep i start at like 220

    and you wanna do higher temps for bags then you'd do w/ the whip

    vaporpedia helped me alot, google it im just lazy and dont feel like linking it
  7. Never owned that vape so i wouldn't know much about it.I've heard that if you see any vapor come out after exhaling then you wasted it, not sure if this is true though, but I believe it.When I vape, I inhale as much as I can then hold it for like 8 seconds, then exhale a little then inhale some air to push more vapor deeper into my lungs.I do this about 2 or 3 times with 1 hit and I really notice the difference because in the end i see almost no vapor when exhaling and i feel really high.
  8. I got mine at Volcano Vaporizers - Vaporizers - Aroma Vaporizers - Vaporizer - Buy Vaporizer. So far I really like it.

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