New to vaping weed, need a vet

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by NeedApro, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. hey, im 19 and have only smoked weed out of bongs, papers and pipes. i want to switch to a vape but i have no idea about vaping. so first question is what are the different ways of getting high with a vape? the ways i have heard of are stuff like dry herb, shatter and oils and was, is all that true? i am wondering what the best vape under 100 is for doing all three ways, and does weed oil for a vape exist and does it get you high? would i be better off just getting a vape that only does weed oil? if that is a thing. Or should I just stay with edibles?
  2. So I wouldn't exactly call myself a vet but I am familiar with vapes. I have a vape that can utilize 3 different kinds of cartridges. Oil, Dry Herb, and wax. So yes there are plenty out there that have cartridges for all three. and yes, you can get weed oil lol. Most people like the weed oil because they typically come already in cartridges and you just buy a $10 battery vape pen (you can find literally anywhere) and it is compatible with that. That, I would say, is the easiest and most convenient way of vaping. So if you don't get the weed oil in the prepackaged cartridge, you can go out and buy any type of vape that uses oil. You can buy a cheap one anywhere. If you want something that can allow you to use oil, dry herb, and wax concentrates you are going to be spending a bit more $$. I just bought the V2 Pro series 7 vaporizer. It has one large battery and it comes with 2 magnetic cartridges (one for oil, one for dry herb) and when you want to use them, you just slide the cartridge in the battery, set your heating setting and bam you are good to go. They also have another cartridge for wax, but it was sold separately. The entire package for me was around $100. Might be a little more now just because it was on sale when I got it. This vape is not compatible with the prepackaged vape cartridges so this vape is better suited for oils that come in syringes, etc.

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