New to topping/pruning plants?

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  1. I was wondering where exactly to cut the top to make it bushier? On a website I read that it should be below the first developed node, but still not sure haha. It would be very appreciated if someone could show me where on these pictures:

    Securedownload1 is a sativa strain called Lavender something..
    Securedownload2 an indica strain called Pandora's Box.

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  2. simply pluck the very top new growth. should quit look like leaves. looks likes a small cluster of little leaves at the top . also its in the middle of the top full leaves..
    and your plants looking a lil yellow. have you givven them any nutrs??

  3. Ohhh okay, thanks :)

    They're actually not that yellow haha. Flash and the bulb I'm using just makes it seem that way I guess. I haven't yet, but I'm going to when I transplant them.
  4. ok if you havnt got ferts yet i used blood and bone meal in the soil when i transplanted and gave her fish fert. she loved it. cheap and simple found at any garden store

  5. Thanks for the recommendations! :)
    Do you know if Grow Big and Tiger Bloom are any good? I bought those a while ago..
  6. iv heard of both and i believe they are really good ferts.

  7. Oh good! Well thanks for your input :)
  8. i hope my paint skills will suffice.


  9. They certainly did haha. Thanks :)
  10. don't be alarm if you don't see growth after you top your plants and transplant. give them a couple of days to recover and they will be exploding with growth! topped mine didn't see much change for a about 2 days then bam! open my closet to a bush haha
  11. if you fim you get 4 main colas
  12. Please elaborate Tintizzy ;)
  13. Here's some info on topping that helped me.

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