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New To This

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Supurstamin, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. This is my first post, haha. I am fairly new to bud, only smoked three times. I figured I would share my stories, to see what you guys think.

    First Time: In the woods with a couple of guys I hardly knew. Two hits, the second was beat. End of story.

    Second Time: This is the good stuff. Me and my friend bought a couple blunts after a football game and were going to smoke them at his house. They got crushed in his pocket and we decided to use a tin foil bowl instead(don't freak out, I don't plan on doing it again). When we cracked them open, there was at least three times more than we expected. So the story goes: we smoked two bowls on the porch. I didn't feel anything for quite a while, and then as I walked from the kitchen to the couch it hit me like a freight train. I kid you not, I felt like I was in a dream. To a tee. The out of body kind of feeling, blurred vision. When I spoke, the only thing I could feel was my mouth moving. DudeImInAFuckingDreamDudeImInAFuckingDream. I tried to explain it logically to him, but it came out as jibberish. This went off and on for a bit until we decided to smoke four more bowls. After that, we were in the office and he was watching YouTube. I was on the bed with his dog, my face buried in it's coat, bawling my eyes out about how much I "fucking love your dog, man." We decided to kill the weed. On our next bowl, we spilled it mid way through, and hunted for all the bud on the porch with his phone light. Last bowl. Spilled. Hunted. Smoked. We were in the living room. I was on the chair when I suddenly fell to the floor, writhing about and yelling at the top of my lungs for 10-15 seconds. I stopped, and was completely sober for a few seconds, as I was considering the possibility that I was having a seizure. I wasn't, laughed, and kept rolling and yelling. My friend watched and giggled. I ate 2 boxes of Reese's Puffs, and passed out.

    Third Time: In my room with a different friend. Exact same dream thing, but I was expecting it, so I could control it.(Kind of) Watched power rangers marathon.

    I have like one bowls worth in my room(small bowl), but it is so strong I can probably get 3-4 sessions off it. I seem to have an incredibly low tolerance. My only "pieces" are a bong made from a Squirtle sippy cup and an Altoids tin pipe, both with socket bowls.

    Any tips, comments, or similar dream thingy experiences haha
  2. Smoke less, and work your way up. Take a few hits, wait a few minutes and see how you feel. In an hour take a few more hits, work your way up and build your tolerance. Over time you'll become used to what its like being super high, and will really be able to enjoy it rather than tripping out.

    Find someone who's 18 who can buy you a glass pipe, they go for as low as $10 and that will last you forever. It will also build up resin, which you can scrape over time, and roll up and smoke from. Home made pieces are good for last minute toking, but my advice is to invest in a piece right when you start, rather than using home made shit.

    BTW, welcome to grasscity. :smoke:
  3. Pretty funny story, sucks the cigars got crushed. If your old enough, you should just get a glass piece, instead of using the little cup thing, and their alot more smoother hit, and like that guy said above me, smoke a little and work your way up, thats what I did, and it makes the high more enjoyable.
  4. Okay.

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  5. Thanks for the tips. The main thing I'm focused on is self control, so I don't over do it and screw up my grades/social/family life. My friend has a glass piece I will try sometime.
  6. welcome to the city bro!

    this makes me think back on my first time getting legitimately high. what a trip
  7. Id like to welcome you also!:gc_rocks:

    invest in a piece as soon as possible and dont worry about spending alot of money. 10 to 15 dollars should have you a solid duable piece.

  8. I'm assuming OP is 18 anyway, so he should be able to buy a pipe on his own :cool:

    OP, sounds like you're a responsible person and you know how to control yourself. Just remember not to let your life revolve around weed. Get your schoolwork/etc done before you smoke and you should be fine.

    As for tips, like burtontoker said, take it slow -- take a hit and wait a bit, then smoke more if you feel like you want to. That's really good advice. Have fun, feel free to ask questions here (use the search first :p), and welcome to the City :wave:
  9. Looked at title, that's what she said.

    But seriously if you don't like it then you need to smoke less. But honestly that dream feeling is what a lot of stoners are looking for. Welcome to the bud though! Happy smoking.
  10. Moderate control is important too.. don't let it become your top priority. Save it for when you have time, and don't put off important events/responsibilities just to get high.

    Your priorities should be something like this...

    1. School/grades
    2. Family/social life
    3. Weed

    And when you move out...

    1. College/work
    2. Family/social life
    3. Weed/partying

  11. Didn't mean to give off that impression. Quite the opposite, haha.

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