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New to this!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Anchorshag, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, just found this forum and I love it. A couple of my mates introduced me to weed and not too long ago they came around and shared some with me.

    Thing is, they rolled a bunch of them but only sprinkled the tiniest amounts of my friend's pot into the roll. Almost seemed like it wasn't worth it but he assured me it was strong stuff. Then we went and smoked it.

    At first I didn't get any hits at all, just seemed like smoking tobacco so I wondered if I was doing it wrong. Then I finally got one hit, which lasted about 20 seconds, and I felt sick for the rest of the 'session'. They said I "whitied/whited" out.

    So what I want to know is;
    What's whiting out?
    Is there a certain way to smoke it?
    Do you need alot for a good buzz?
    TIA. :)
  2. It's very unlikely for someone to get high their first time smoking. Most people can't. You don't get 'hits' from smoking weed. You just get high.
    I have no idea what happened with you feeling sick... But I suggest you try smoking a second time, if possible.
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    they only gave you 1 hit? hope you didnt contribute. anyway whiting out or greening out is when you get too high and become sort of sick from it. and there is a certain way to inhale, what i like to do is inhale fresh air right after the drag to push the smoke into your lungs, dont just suck in and blow right out like with cigs, hold it in for about 5 seconds. from just 1 hit you couldnt have whited out, must have been some other reason
  4. I'm not exactly sure about whiting out, never heard that one before.

    As far as is there a certain way to smoke it you just start inhaling and when you have whatever amount you want, open your mouth and quickly inhale.

    As far as needing a lot, that depends on the quality of the bud.
  5. Waitttttt. Wth did you guys roll with if you used weed as a topping? Don't tell me you just sprinkled weed on tobacco..if you did my god no reason you felt sick after. For your first time, you should either hit a joint of pure weed or take a bong hit.

    I say joint only cause you can't really fuck up when you pull it.
  6. If you hold your nose when you are inhaling it makes it easier. happy toking :smoking:
  7. You said there's tobacco in it? Then the sick feeling is probably from smoking/holding in the tobacco. It makes a LOT of people feel sick and/or dizzy when they smoke it and holding it in makes that worse. Unless of course you're a regular smoker. The weed would not have done that.
  8. The diziness and nausea is from the tobacco. trust me.

    i smoked 3 cigarettes the other day for the first time in a while and literally threw up 30 minutes later.
  9. It depends how you smoked it bro... Joint Preferably because tobacco is ADDICTIVE... My first time was similar, I didnt think I was inhaling correctly because the smoke was so pure and light. When I was used to smokin heavy black & milds. Smoke Green Nothing else.
  10. possibly. I smoked a mole the other day (bowl with tobacco n herb, ew!) and like 5 min later i ralphed hard. everyone thought i was sloppy drunk but it was cause of the moles. cant handle that. still love spliffs.
  11. Best way to get high, you and 1-2 friends throw down on 1gram of dank bud. Roll a blunt/joint, or smoke a bowl/bong. IMO most people dont get high their first few times because they dont know how to smoke weed. Inhale enough smoke to feel a warm feeling in your chest, hold each hit in for no less then 3 seconds, and exhale. You dont wanna exhale too fast, but you also don't wanna hold it in so long that you choke on the smoke.
  12. You don't need much for a roll-up. A joint usually consists of .2 grams, and that's a BIG joint. Blunts (rolled cigars) can have anywhere from .4 to 1 gram in them. Sometimes more, but it's usually considered over doing it.

    I suggest you just be careful, the first year or two for smokers usually involves getting caught by cops or parents, and shady rip offs. Don't start buying until you know how too.
  13. Thanks alot lads.

    I think Blazed4days is right, they sprinkled tiny amounts of weed onto huge clumps of tobacco, which I don't smoke at all, so that makes sense.
  14. Next time, try taking some tokes straight from a glass piece, you might find you enjoy it ALOT more, I do. Tobacco will make you sick.

    Also 'Whiting out' as your friends call it basically means getting to stoned and getting the spins and spewing because of it, then sleeping for about 4 hours, eating everything that cooks in under 5 mins and going back to sleep. That is the worst case scenario in terms of smoking green.. Which really isn't all that bad, and rare if you take care of yourself.

    You will also find out for yourself how much you need for a good buzz, and like Hawaiian Haze mentioned, be careful when you start out smoking/buying buds. Police can be real assholes in some places, luckily here, most of them are as sideways as the real criminals they catch. Police here casually tell me that they don't want to waste their time with minor weed posession, ect. But they'll still 'confiscate it'...
  15. I'm assuming you're in the UK because of the fact you're smoking spliffs as standard :p

    I'm not a big fan of spliffs, but found that when I started smoking a whole J was too much but I liked rolling. If that's the case for you try to get something else to smoke with it - Mullein leaf is really good for your lungs and tastes pretty alright, or you can use mint. There are also specific "quit smoking" substitutes that are niccotine and tobacco free (the one I found was pretty average but better than smoking a whole load of baccy or wasting weed :p - called "Honeyrose Mixture").

    If you're happy just to smoke however then think about buying a small pipe or bong. Glass is best, stone and wood are ok but metal and plastic are usually pretty shite. Last time I was in the UK there were some pretty sick pieces in Camden on the cheap if you're London way.

    "Whiting out" is the weed equivalent to coma'ing while drinking - often you'll just literally pass out and fall asleep, but sometimes (particularly if you've also been drinking) you throw up and zone out big time and lose track of everything and basically "wake up" a couple hours later.
    In saying this, don't go feeling scared of weed - the LD40 (lethal dosage/standard dosage) is too high to calculate. One estimate i've heard is that you'd have to smoke the equivalent of 4000 1g joints in the space of half an hour to OD :p :p
  16. Thanks 3lemental and falcon!

    What do you reccomend I get then? A glass smoking pipe or a bong, or what? My friends told me bongs made it worse but according to what you lads have been saying they're full of rubbish.
  17. Also, what's the difference between using a normal tobacco filter and a bit of rolled up cardboard or whatever?
  18. Either would be fine. If it's a choice between an acrylic (plastic) bong and a glass pipe then definitely go with the pipe, but if you have the money for a (glass)bong you might well prefer it.

    I'd probably suggest a glass handpipe at this stage because it's easy to take with you and a really good all-round hitter.

    People might be saying that a bong will make it worse because they still think you whitey'd - you definitely didn't from the sounds of it so don't worry. The reason people think bongs get you higher is because they filter the smoke and make it easier to take big hits and therefore smoke more weed. In reality, the same sized hit from any piece would get you as high, it's just easier with a bong.

    I'd suggest making/trying a couple of homemade bongs, or borrowing a nice one if you can, just to get a feel for what they're like to help decide if you want a nice one (though i tend to use homemades once or twice then throw out, but the actual creative process is quite fun.)

    There're plenty of guides here on how to make one, but basically if you take a bottle and cut a hole in the side, then insert something as a stem (i have an old piece of stainless steel tube I use, but anything will work) at a 45 degree angle. Seal up the hole with tape/blu tack/hot glue etc then put another hole on the other side a bit higher up on the bottle for a carb. You'll need something on the end of your stem pipe for a bowl (somewhere to load the weed), often people use a socket from a socket set.

    If you've never used a bong (or a pipe with a carb, which if you're buying you should definitely look for) the process is
    1. Pack your weed in the bowl (if you have a screen then feel free to grind it finely or not, this is personal preference but I like it. Either way you should break it up at least a little with your fingers)
    2. Cover the carb and put the pipe/bong to your mouth.
    3. While keeping the carb covered, light the weed and inhale. The chamber of the pipe/bong will fill with smoke, and you won't really taste it much yet.
    4. When the chamber has enough smoke for your taste (you don't have to fill it with yellow-thick clouds of smoke every time :p) then stop lighting, and release the carb while still breathing in.
    5. The smoke will now rush out of the chamber and into your lungs, keep breathing til it's totally clear if you can, but if you need to take 2 or 3 hits then do so. I don't like the whole "big man" attitude lots of folks have about always having to clear every piece in one hit. Try to keep the hits to a size you can clear, but if you need more than one hit don't try to just take it, you'll end up coughing a lung up.
    6. Sit back and enjoy your high!

    When rolling, many people use rolled up card in a Joint/Spliff because cigarette filters are made of cellulose which will absorb some THC/CBDs (the active ingredients in weed), honestly it doesn't make a HUGE difference, usually if i'm smoking a spliff (tobacco and weed together) i like to use a cig filter because it makes the tobacco less harsh, but i usually roll straight weed with a roach (the rolled up card is often called a roach).

    Enjoy your foray into the wonderful world of herb!!!

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