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new to this

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by QBillz, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. :wave:

    idk how many chicks you have on here already but add me to the list of that, haha
    my fiancee got me started on smoking with him and it was pretty dope! lol i told him he created a monster, haha.

    anyways, i'm QB, 22 from Cali, proud apprentice toker!
    nice to meet ya'll

    quick question, why was i dizzy for the first time?! i asked him and he said "it happens". is it often or was it a 1-time thing?

    also, do you get higher from pipes or paper? my fiancee says pipes and the smell doesn't stick on you so much but i know opinions vary so i'm tryna get the rundown lol

    happy toke`n!

  2. welcome to our world...and, yes, it does happen....:smoke:
  3. You normally are somewhat dizzy. But you get used to it. Personally, I like bongs better if anything. But happy tokin'.
  4. Welcome to the city QB. Lots of chicks here on GC (everyones pretty cool).

    Bud affects everyone a little differently, especially on a first try. I've been smoking 20+ years and occasionally get dizzy if I smoke too much on an empty stomach (or maybe slightly dehydrated?).

    Smoke less next time and gradually build up that tolerance. Maybe make sure you're hydrated and not starving.

    Also (and im sure you know this), potency varies. Also some strains give varied affects (sometimes head high, sometimes body high, often a mix of both).

    Good question, but I'm not sure there is a clear answer. Generally when you smoke a bowl, you'll likely get a stronger hit (unless its a fatty thats rolled well). With a bowl you also aren't filtering the smoke much, so its perhaps a stronger hit than with a joint.

    The two (joint/bowl) are roughly the same assuming you smoke the same quantity.

    Hope it helps. I'm sure other blades will chime in :)
  5. It is something that happens. Usually I get it if I take a huge hit with absolutely no air in my lungs. My guess is lack o oxygen to the brain. hahaha Just build up your tolerance like MrSmoke said and it should go away normally.

    Here's my ranking for smoking devices. Naturally lets assume it's the same amount of bud for each so the only variable is how well each gets you high.


    There's more ways obviously those are just the standard.
  6. niiice, hella helpful. so it does matter if you eat before. i've been told to not eat before but to eat after due to the whole munchies deal which i experienced and damn near went bankrupt at mickey d's haha
  7. what would you recommend for a beginner? lol
  8. hopefully i'll get used to it, thanks!
  9. A regular pipe is fine at first. Once you get bored of that move on to bigger and better things. :smoking:

  10. Everyone is different. I personally like to eat before I smoke, because I find that eating a big meal after smoking crushes my buzz.

    However, I also know people who do the complete opposite.

    I suggested making sure you weren't starving before smoking, because when you're hungry your blood sugar is probably lower.
  11. Welcome! Yes, the dizziness that you speak of may seem new at first. If you feel nauseous from it still after a few weeks, you may need to change strands or something.

    Also, I find that bongs get me highest. Glass, to be exact.
  12. dizzy? usually thats one of the first stages of addiction!

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