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    I have Olivia's gel & cloning solution. My question is, do I use both or just choose one? I've read a little about it & I'm gettin conflicting stories. Ne1 with experience or knowledge about this PLEASE, please, lmk cuz I don't wanna ruin any of the cuttings I do. I'd really like all of them to root if that is possible. Thanx
  2. You won't ruin can put a little of the cloning solution in the water that you soak your peat plugs or rockwool can use the cloning gel too, won't hurt a thing.
    I make my clones using a clone king aeroponic cloner and I don't use any cloning solution, gel, or anything. 100% success rate with it..definitely the easiest way to root clones.
  3. I actually have 2 8-site Growbright cloning buckets. So u know that u put water in the bottom of the bucket & it sprays all the roots in a circular motion. That shouldn't make a difference, rt?
    If you are using an aeroponic cloner, your clones will root just fine without any gel or anything, I know because I've tested it..root gel vs no root gel, got the same results. I will give you a tip though, they love phosphorous, so I have a flowering nute that is 0-50-0..I put a pinch of that powder in the clone king and the roots obviously love it because they start growing alot faster.
  5. I had some problems last time (my 1st time) & only got 4 out of the 16 to root. Not sure what went wrong or how to do this rt. But a friend did them for me & I've since done some research & am gonna do these on my own this time. Therefore, lookin to learn the correct way. Can't b depending on other ppl. Time to figure it out for myself. Thanks again for any info & help.

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