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  1. hey people I'm new to growing and iv just sprouted an dark devil auto my question is when is the best to start feeding it popped up on Saturday any advice would be helpful thanks

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  2. What's the medium and what do you plan on feeding it?
  3. What are you growing in? Most store bought soils have enough food for the first 3-4 weeks. Regardless,that sprout is way too young for anything other than root stimulates at low doses right now.
  4. Those first two round leaves feed the plant usually for up to the first two weeks .after that people usually start at quarter recommended strength
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  5. Looks like there is no perilite in your medium. That will become a problem for the roots and overall growth later.
  6. I'm using coco and I plan on using canna a and b
  7. What's that I don't know anything bout growing
  8. I've never grown in coco and im not 100% if the same applies here, but in soil, watering and feeding compacts the medium over time making it hard for the roots to breathe and expand. Perilite is a sort of pumice that prevents compacting and create pockets that the roots can expand and breathe in. The more your roots can breathe and expand, the bigger and more vigorous your plants will grow

    Grofo Grows Autos&Photos w/288v2 260w kit
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  9. Oh right see that makes sense my mate grows in coco (that where I got it from) and I don't think he uses that. If he dose he didn't give me none lol
  10. Coco and planing on canna a and b
  11. Many people grow in 100% coco and have great success - I prefer adding 30% perlite for the added oxygen to the roots.

    For the basics:
    Start feeding 1/4 strength nutes now - pH'd to 6.0.
    I feed daily from sprout and twice a day in flower.
    Never give plain water.
    Always feed to run off.
    Never let the coco dry out.

    I suggest you do some serious research as soon as possible. This is a great place to learn how to grow in coco.

    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  12. Thanks thanks for the advice and the welcome it just iv been told it's to early to feed yet so I'm just trying to get all the advice I can so I don't kill it
  13. It will make it a short time without nutes - I just prefer starting from day one.

    These sprouts are two weeks old and fed every day to run off.
    2 weeks Hempy mainline.JPG
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  14. They look good so for a and b it says 40ml of both to 10lit of water so should I brake that down to 10ml of both per 10lit then?? What would u do??
  15. I'm not familiar with those nutes but yes that would be 1/4 strength. You can even start a little less if you like.
  16. Cool thanks again been very helpful
  17. I also noticed you said you're growing an auto and it looks like your sprout is in a starter tray(?). Autos are infamous for being finicky plants, especially when it comes to transplanting into larger containers. It's not impossible to do but its a gamble that could result in stunted growth. I recommend you put it in its final pot sooner than later to avoid potential problems later.

    Grofo Grows Autos&Photos w/288v2 260w kit
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  18. Oh right I didn't know that thanks I have a bigger pot ready as well so will do it asap thank you
  19. Even Mephisto, who specializes in autos only, recommends starting in a small container and transplanting to a larger container. Done properly, transplanting shouldn't slow down growth at all.
  20. Iv done autos in coco and normally start at ec 1.0 from the first water so you don’t wash the buffer from the coco and ph every time. I’m not an expert just what iv learnt since my switch from soil to coco
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