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New to the thread, new-ish to the smoking scene

Discussion in 'General' started by spazz92, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hullo,

    New here, saying hi. I'm fairly new to smoking as well, and definitely far from assimilated to the general smoking culture/scene/lingo etc. I enjoy smoking weed and I'm behind the movement to accept/legalize, but I'm pretty much a total newb. Joined the forum to inform and familiarize myself.
    Hopefully this'll be a friendly and productive place!
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    Welcome to the city man! It'll defiantly help to lurk here man :D it defiantly helped me! Just watch for trolls, man, they can troublesome. Have fun man :)

    edit: shit im high and i said 'man' a lot lol
  3. Grasscity is a wealth of information. Use the SEARCH feature to research your MJ related questions. And yeah, the City is full cool blades. Welcome aboard.
  4. Hello ::wave::
    I'm a noobie to, listen to the advice given read the rules and have fun :)

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