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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jackstraw, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone,just joined this site.Just another Deadhead from PA.Ok,that's all :)
  2. Damn,that was fast.

    Thanks for the welcome.:)
  3. Welcome!!

    and my condolances (how ever ya spell it) on being from PA... it bites :p
  4. I like it where I live.I'm not that far from NYC & Philly,so I can catch a lot of shows.I also live right up the street from this really cool place.They get bands like The Recipe,Moe,Ekoostik Hookah,The Slip,Railroad Earth,etc.All and all,it's not too bad.

    Hey guys,thanks for the replies & the welcome.:)
  5. Welcome Jackstraw, I'm the one that pointed you in this direction. You know me as Dreamgazer at Hipforums! Glad to see you! The people here are really cool!

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  6. Welcome to the City!!!

    (Love the self-thread promotion, Bongish!!!!)
  7. Hey stargazer,thanks for directing me here.It seems like a cool site.
  8. ello :D

    I love PA aswell,
    go steelers !: D
  9. wweellccoommee!
  10. Oh man...more people from PA..we should start a club :D

    Welcome to the city!!!
  11. a welcome to you from the GREENBUD
  12. Hey,thanks guys.You are all too kynd.:)

    Pretty cool site you have here.
  13. a club? nah
    we'll just have a big stoner bash this summer ;)
  14. Welcome to the city! Enjoy your stay!
  15. Heheheheeh muahahahahhahah wahahahahhah[​IMG][​IMG]

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