New to the site, any recommendations?

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  1. Well, I'm new to the site, but have been smoking for a few years. I'm no expert on pipes/bongs, so I could use some recommendations. What specific itesm do you guys recommend and why?

  2. welcome to the site. well it depends on what kind of person u are. do you like the feeling of warm smoke? cooled smoke? personaly i like my hookah.
  3. Truthfuly, both are fine... though cool smoke is much easier to hit, but bongs can be a little bulky (which is why I would probably get a bong and a pipe). I made a list of the stuff I am thinking of getting:

    gb14 Amber Glass Bong Turned 1
    $13.75 / 15,54 Euro $13.75 / 15,54 Euro
    gb30 Glass Bong 1
    $12.75 / 14,41 Euro $12.75 / 14,41 Euro
    2670 Glass Pipe 1
    $4.00 / 4,52 Euro $4.00 / 4,52 Euro
    2115 Glass Pipe 1
    $4.00 / 4,52 Euro $4.00 / 4,52 Euro
    acc122-1 Turbo Lighter Leaf 1
    $4.50 / 5,08 Euro $4.50 / 5,08 Euro
    pb60-1 Acryl Bong 25cm 1
    $11.00 / 12,43 Euro $11.00 / 12,43 Euro
    sp2 Stone Pipe 1
    $2.00 / 2,26 Euro $2.00 / 2,26 Euro

    If you have any suggstions about it please post (oh, and the sotn one is just because I never smoked out of stone before, so I figured I'd give it a try)

    Oh, and this might sound stupid, but the cost on the left, is that in US dollars, or a european currency?

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  4. yea, the price on the left is US. i sometimes like to use a stone to get stoned but its not my fav thing to use.
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  5. Well, $2 is worth a try.... love the prices here :) Though, hows the quality?
  6. the quality is great. ive gotten some stuff from SJ and it was good. yea, these prices are awsome.
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  7. Ok, thanks a lot... I guess you could call ema a "true" american.... things too good to be true tend not to be... but in this case, I think they are :) I will be ordering very soon... got any specific items not in my list that you really recommend?
  8. i havent orderd everything from there. but i would stay away from stuff that had a lot of parts because i dont know if it could survive shipping from around the world. and i personally dont like to order any type of glass online because it could break. i was parinod when i was moving my glass collection to my new house 10 years ago. but thats just me.
  9. Well is there shipping insurance or anything? Since I do intend on ordering 2 glass bongs.. which would probably easily break.
  10. i know that there ia a 30 day money back garentey. and if anything broken sent it back and youll get a new one. its something like that.
  11. We guarantee your satisfaction. If by any means your ordered products are damaged or if your are not satisfied with our products in

    any way, we guarantee a 30 day money back guarantee. We will ask yo to return damged goods, but off course we will pay you for shipping costs.
  12. Sounds good to me, though, how good of a chance would you say I got in gettign a glass boong shipped here (US) safely?... if I doun't have much of a chance, don't want to bother too much. Though I prefer glass over acrylic.
  13. Glass kicks ass!

    It's kind of hard to tell whether items will be handled nicely after they leave superjoint's headquarters.

    Hell, even intrantaional shipments aren't handled with great care. I think superjoint will pack it really well (considering the shipping distance).

    And even if it does get broken, you can get another at no cost to you.

    The only kind of stone that I've smoked out of is soapstone. I got it in a chunk and carved it into a pipe. Works great.

    I'm a joint man myself, but the bong comes in a close second. :D

    Enjoy yourself here at the cofeeshop and with your pipes and bongs!
  14. Yeah, I think I might start rolling more.. is the futurola good? and recommend any specific papers?
  15. Oh, the Savorette.... can someone explain that a bit more.... and is it any good?
  16. the futurola is good if you know how to use it. im too stupid to use it still, i had a friend show me but then we got stoned and i forgot :p
  17. Ok, I think I'll be able to figure it out... though not sure which papers I am going to get... maybe the Rizla Orange Regular Size? or the Marfill... or maybe something else.
  18. I don't remember the name of the papers, but I'm sure superjoint sells papers that fit in the futurolla perfectly.
    It's a little more tricky than a "normal" rolling machine because it rolls in a cone shape. Killer joints, but it takes a little more dexterity to get it to roll without binding up the apron. It's really hard to explain (I tried to but it was REALLY wordy).

    Just try to make sure that the back roller doesn't pull the apron too tightly. Give the back of the machine some slack with the apron as you roll and it won't bind up.

    It's a workout for your lips to hold on to the joint that it rolls! Cool product, but I think it could have been designed to be a little easier to use.

    I have used a couple small sized papers to roll in the futurolla also. Just overlap the papers some in the machine and use as normal.

    I don't know what the savorette is. I'll have to check it out!

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  19. Well thanks again for the help, I figure, after enough practice, I'll get used to using it.
  20. the savorette sounded familer to me and so i looked it up and saw that it was a pipe i had. savorettes are cool because you can pack a bowl screw on the lid and take it anywhere and when you want to toke just uncrew the lid and (with the mouth peace pointing towards you) turn it to the left till it makes an 'L' hold upright, light and have fun.

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