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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by weedsmkr4life, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. I have a plant that is growing outdoors in a pot that was given to me. It was already planted, it is probably 6-7 months old and has already produced about 8 inches of bud off the main shoot. I cut it off about half way down, dried it and smoked it.....not to bad! My question is now that I have cut it, it has generated 10-12 new possible bud sites. From reading the very informative posts here in the city that is grass I believe that my plant is in the veg stage.

    It is approximately 12 - 14 inches tall but very wide and bushy. I have never added any fert and am wondering what I should do to begin to really get some quality herb out of my plant.

    Any and all advice is more than welcomed!
  2. hit it with some fert, you've got nothing to lose. What kind of lighting is it under? How big is the pot and is the plant root bound. My guess would be that it is. If it is move it to a bigger pot and it should start growing again. Maybe try cloning it and starting from scratch with a couple of new shoots. Good luck.
  3. Feed her molasses and don't give her bongwater like one of my friends did... haha believe it or not plants dont want your stale leavings seeping into their roots. But yea molasses seems to help alot with bud production and can potentiate the smell as well.

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