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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by greentea, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone! I first bought something from GC about a year and a half ago, always happy with their wide selection of items and their organization compared to other websites. Then about two days ago I get caught up in the picture gallery section and wander over to the forums and I have been reading various posts. I was very intrigued when I had discovered in a post that "veterans" of GC were concerned with the way GC forums have been lately with new younger members spamming the forums and running a muck ( even though I myself am considered young to most *19* I am of legal age and not like the underage immature kids who think its funny to cause problems) and the way the administrators talked about it in the forum unlike other websites that just go downhill once they grow larger and THE MODS DON'T CARE! Anyways, I decided to join these forums because I saw a good overall system and group here, hope to make many friends!
  2. welcome to the city man. we're pretty proud of our little community here (even though i'm relatively new).
  3. whats happenin man? welcome to our humble abode(sp?)

    dude, notreal, you've only been here two months and you have over 1000?

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