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  1.      So what's up! My name is Justin, (Jay), Hello form Colorado, home of the free pot. So I have been using Grasscity for a about 2 years and have bought a lot of products and love em all. But before I start posting other things and funny stories. I just have one question, is this forum pretty laid back and chill, I mean, I have practically told myself that I am done with forums due to grammer nazis and higher ups that think just because they reply to more forum posts and have more, "virtual accomplishments", then I do, they think that makes their life wroth more because they spend more time on the internet then I do. I mean the Minecraft and WoW forms are just utterly trash. So yeah, just wanted to know if this an actual, "chill zone"?

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    Im new to this forum aswell bud but i have read quite alot of the posts and yeah it is pretty laid back the only time i have seen anyone get ripped on or "abused" is if they have said or commented on something with either incorrect facts or for being nasty to the stoner community.
    Stay Smokey
  3. Cool for sure! Thanks man!

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