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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PurpleHayesOG, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Whattup guys, the name's Will, I'm a college student, new to grass city, but have been blowin dro for a while now. I was planning on growing some of my own grass this fall and was gonna document the whole thing on here instead of twitter, but my to-be-roommate bailed on me. :mad:

    A little more on me:
    I was 1st chair french horn in all-state wind ensemble in HS
    I am now a business major, hoping to open up a dispensary someday or if that doesn't work, I am interested in doing genetic engineering for seed companies.
    I love good movies and TV shows
    I DJ parties at college
    My beer chugging record is 20 seconds (a sad feat), but I have 3 more years of college to decimate that record

    Favorite way to smoke: king size joints or Juicy J blunts
    Pieces: None right now :cry: I used to have a bong, a zong, a sherlock, and a bubbler. The bong was stolen at a party (cause I was stupid and brought it to a party and didn't keep track of it) and the rest were discovered by my parents and smashed into oblivion

    I guess that's all I have for now :cool::smoke:

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