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  1. Hows it going all . Have been a fan of g.c. For many years but never joined the forum for whatever reason but I'm experiencing all of changes in life at the hands of others so I'm doing this for me I have started my first grow and have plans for a deep freezer grow box .... Yes another D.F.G.B. LOL :) I would like to try and make a how to guide for that kind of box with tons of pics and information on what went right and what went wrong I know I need to remove heat but my biggest concern is the smell I would like to use led lights but for the time being I'm going to use CFL . I never grew mj before but have around 12 years of planted aquariums experience the seems similar in that there's a fert schedule ph concerns lighting co2 ect ect ... For now I will probably be going with some easy auto feminized seeds in running a 60 day lemon auto I'm my closet until I get the mother ship off the ground. I have in the past brewed beer and that was one of the greatest hobbies ever so I'm hoping this will eclipse that by leaps and bounds look forward to getting to know you all catch you on the flip side

  2. Should be pics of a few of my aquariums
  3. WP_20141004_004.jpg there should work now
  4. but where's the halibut? how can you have an aquarium without halibut OP?

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