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  1. Hey, I live in Baltimore, MD and i am going to start about 60 seeds outdoors. Do you guys have any suggestions for this type of climate? Does anyone live around me and plant outdoors. Im not sure of when to start really. How long do plants take to flower usually? I dont want to start them to early and lose them to frost,, but i dont want to start to late and have them not fully matured. I really appreciate your help - this is my first season really growing. thanks fellas.
  2. wuddup welcome to grasscity:hello: , well i myself am in seattle and we all know what the weather is like there, plant outside in ground around may 9th, lets say u dont wanna wait untill september to get ur buds, u can always force them into flowering, everyday put a trash can, not a bag, but a can a big one over ur leaves at say 6 Pm and take it off at 6am this will make ur plants flower although condensation and moisture while the can is on could be an issue. dont do this of course untill around july once u start doing this about a week (or 2) later they will show signs of sex, little balls on the nodes=male, little V whispy hairs=female, throw away the male unless u plan on making cannabuter, or making more seeds for next time, then start to force the females into flower. or just wait till october and nature will do it...well naturally...good luck on ur grow

    ur fellow grower,

  3. THANKS ALOT BUDDY. I have heard of that method for forcing flowers. but it seems just a little to obvious. People might see trash cans, unless my plants are tied down and have a can over them. Why shouldnt i use bags? I guess light gets throug. What about doubling or tripling the bags. thanks alot for the help
  4. the "contractor grade" trash bags work fine. They are very thick.
  5. i once saw a garden under 2 truck toppers (LST'd) blooming in aug.
    only down fall was he needed 2 people to cover em up every night....
  6. Firdt off,welcome home homie! :metal: Trash bags will increase the heat tenfold so you def dont wanna do that! Also, im in M.I so my weather tha same as yours! You say u growin outdoors but is you growin in tha ground outdoors or in pots outdoors like myself?
  7. Its pretty late in the grow season to be starting seeds outdoors. If your using bag seed theres no telling how long they will take to flower if you don't know exactly what strain it is.  
  8. OP is from 2006.........
  9. Lol, never even noticed.
  10. It happens, keeps us humble.
  11. I look at it this way either its a brain fart or shit happens. :smoking:

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