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New to the Forum, and a question, mold? no? (pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nogarobluenano, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I've been smoking for over 9 years and decided to join this forum because frankly I am a little concerned. I only smoke what I would consider to be better than mids. I am use to seeing plenty of crystals and hairs. Over the last weekend my friends and I smoked about 3.5g of the attached pictures, but now we are starting to think that it is moldy, as it has a slight white color to it to the naked eye, but these macros make it look other wise to me. Today I started to feel a little sick though I did sleep with the windows open last night, any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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  2. I'm pretty new to smoking so I may not know what I'm talking about, but that looks excessively white to me. :S
  3. It certainly looks suspicious.
  4. I know, I don't want to smoke any more of it until I figure it out although, it's a good high.
  5. Using a bong may help filter out the shit (mold? glass? plastic?). But then again I could be completely fucking wrong.
  6. ^^^^^ Agreed, I always smoke out of water unless someone offers up a blunt or joint.
  7. Looks normal to me. Fire would kill the mold and make it taste/smell weird if it really had any... can't see how mold would get you progressively sick by smoke, perhaps if you ate it it would kill you. I always buy top quality shit and the white-ness I see here might be normal to the crystals. I've bought bud that almost looked white before! But its the crystals. Crystals tend to be whiter/clearer depending on when the bud was harvested. Early harvests make the crystals clearer.
  8. Well... everyone above me is wrong lol (not to be a bitch) but a perculated/water bong wont filter out mold, and fire wont kill the mold either.... tbh doesnt look to me like ur buds moldy but i could be wrong, and mold can be lethal so if theres any chanse... i wouldnt risk it
  9. Is that some hair or webbing? It may be spider mites, not mold. Does it pop a lot when you smoke it (exploding mites)
    I'd get a magnifying glass a look for critters.

  10. Fire wont kill the mold?

    What fucking kind of super mold is this?

    Mold grows in environments with high moisture, how the hell is fire not gonna kill it?
  11. It does kill the active mold but the spores survive and go into your lungs. Mold spores are almost impossible to destroy. Unless you use radiation.
    The spores are generally not a problem unless you're immune compromised. Then you can get an Aspergillus infection.
    The Aspergillus/Aspergillosis Website
    So if the OP is on immune suppressing drugs, it could be potentially dangerious. Burning mites are just...icky.
  12. #12 RepentYeNbelievethegospel, Sep 22, 2009
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2009
    Fire and water wont kill mold. Inhaling even not burnt mold will give you a lung infection. Mold is cuased by moisture, so dont think for a motherfucking SEcOND that water will filter it. You might be able to make iso/qwiso hash. Im not completly sure if alcohol will kill all the mold though.

    Edit: quick google search confirmed 99%iso alcohol will kill mold, fungus, and bacteria.
    Alcohol also absorbs THC, so you would have to make an extract, you cant just dump nugs in alcohol and smoke em. Alcohol is also flammable.
  13. no popping or crackling from mites, i've heard that a few times over the years. I'll get a hold of a loop this weekend and take a closer look to see what this white actually is. I'm not gonna smoke what's left until I figure it out, hopefully no damage has been done.
  14. oh and there were a few pieces of white colored hair, i dropped the contained this was in yesterday, it popped open so i had to pick the bud up off the floor, i didn't even see that hair til I took those pics.
  15. Just make qwiso hash. Here you go. Grind up bud{NOT in a grinder you use for to be smoked weed} as fine as possible, preferably while wearing rubber/plastic/latex gloves.
    Get a clean jar, and dump in all the weed, and enough alcohol to cover it all. Let it sit for NO LONGER THEN ONE[1] MINUTE. and strain out the liquid onto a pyrex plate. Place the dish/plate near a window, or outside if you can, and let it sit until all the residue is COMPLETLY DRY[smoking alcohol is not good, until its all evaporated] and has all evaporated. Scrape it up with a razor and let it dry until its a hard chunk.
  16. If its mold weather or not u smoke it out of a bong isn't going to make a differance. If its moldy toss it and i suggest u check the buds a bit better next time b4 u buy them.
  17. I cant really tell from the picture
    but everytime ive encountered mold it looks like thc crystals almost,
    but bigger and white

  18. quit talkin out your azz
  19. Southsidedragon, doenst his name fit perfectly with what you said?
    i lol'd
  20. Let us know when you get the loupe. Im really curious if its mold or not. Also NYCdeisel advice is alawys good if your unsure make hash.

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