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  1. Well not completely new. I'm 40 and used to smoke a lot as a teen, but got out of it after a while. My pot smoking as a teen can be best described as, let's just see how fucked up I can get.
    Getting back into it now, being older and wiser, I see that it's much, much more than a just a way to get blasted.  While high, I've been enjoying the enhanced insight into many things that were previously over-looked.   On the bad side, my high-self is beginning to dislike my unhigh-self. It's not that I'm a horrible person when I'm not high; I don't run around smacking babies……often.  What I am, though, is anxious a lot, and always feel like I need to be in a rush.  I'm not having an internal discussion with myself, telling me to be in a hurry, it's just something I do. When I'm high and looking back at myself doing this, makes me feel like I'm just kinda floating through life, and not taking my time to take it all in, like I do when I'm high.  Now I know it may be common ground for everybody to do some self-bashing,  but I don't want to over-look this as an opportunity for some self-improvement.
    I'm curious about other people's experiences involving this, and how they might have been able to mold, or shape, themselves into a better image when they aren't high…….or should I just stay high 24/7 lol……that'd be nice.
    Oh shit, and hi all, my name is Scott

  2. Wait, what's wrong with smacking babies?
    Anyways, its all about the mentality going in. If you wanna stay chill, you'll be chill. If you wanna have a good time, well you might say stupid things and do silly stuff. 
  3. wish it were that easy
  4. It will be when you become a seasoned toker again.
  5. I would say that the person you smoking and the person you aren't smoking are org the same people. It just seems as though you're more self accepting of the smoking version of you. Smoking definitely makes things so much easier and relaxed. Just gotta self accept and relax. Hope that helps.

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