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New to the cookie scene. Need some adivce please.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Dogma1102, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. I harvested a plant early due to its health. I chopped it all up in a processor besides the stalk and stems. I decarbed it in the oven, which I will say was extremely easy, but still, have no clue how that actually works. I made a batch of cookies with it all. My question is how do you make cookies more potent. If I eat 5 or 6 I'm really stoned, but I'm sick of eating 6 cookies. 1 or 2 would be great. I have a harvest coming up soon, so I'll be able to add juicy bud next time.
  2. If you're making butter my formula is 70 grams of Bud 4 sticks of butter. Or maybe you could cut that in half in a crock pot

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  3. Would I be better off making butter? I mixed it all together and baked the cookies.
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  4. The problem might've been attempting to decarb wet herb.
    Its temperature won't rise significantly above 100 C, the boiling point of pure water, until most/all the water boils off.
    There will be unpredictable decarb of an herb/water mixture until all the water all gone.
    Decarb in air is different from decarb in oil or in water.
    Next time consider drying in a food dehydrator first (105 F for 8-10 hours) until 80% of the herb weight is lost, then decarb. An open oven with fan might be able to simulate this. Food dehydrator is what I use to test new herb, and edibles using Food Dehydrator herb are just as good as those made with traditionally dried.

    I'm not a smoker, but those I've given FD dried herb don't complain about harshness or lack of taste when vaping.

    After drying and decarb (240 F for 40 min) it's very easy to make edibles using whole herb, and the results will be about twice strong as making butter first.
    All that's needed is to grind the decarbed herb to fine powder, mix into the oil of any recipe along with some dissolved lecithin, and bake using as little time/temp as possible.
    Whole herb does bother some stomachs though.
  5. Am I decarbing correctly? I grind up the plant finely, place it on a sheet tray and baking it under 220 degrees for like 10 mins or more. Until its dry but not crisp. It does get me stoned which is my intent. Just not wanting to eat so many damn cookies.
  6. Decarb takes 40 minutes not 10 bro
  7. Decarbing @ 220 F takes about an hour and a half, not 10 minutes, so your herb was severely under-decarbed and won't be very potent.
    Either 240 F for 40 min or 250 F for 30 min are optimal in air for dry herb.
    For wet herb both of the above might be unsuccessful.
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  8. It seems like it would burn it for 30 mins or more. Do you have any pics of what it looks like?
  9. Air decarb of fresh, dry herb is established science as stated above.
    The herb will look greenish brown.
  10. Yes it works better

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  11. Decarb 40 min at 240. This is critical.I used an oz. ground up finely in a coffee grinder. Then take the weed and mix with coconut oil. Sprinkle on about 1/4 c soy lethicin powder. Put it in the oven at 225 for an hour. Then after an hour take it out and freeze it. Then after it's frozen solid take it out and put it in the oven and reheat til it's liquid again and then cook with it.
    This will make your baked goods kick ass.
  12. Well i have never put the weed into the cookies so i really dont know how it is. Just nasty too eat. Mine taste like cookies annd weed minus the granola bar

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  13. can you explain the process a little more? What is the coconut oil for? and the soy powder? Why freeze it?
  14. I don't know. I got the recipe from BrassNwood. He makes all sorts of stuff and can probably answer your questions. He makes capsules that he gets reallly stoned from. Do a search for his threads or send him a PM.
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  15. Coconut oil is the best for making cannabis edibles from IMO.
    Has no real taste of it's own. Fast absorption by the body, Needs no bile to process unlike many fats. Never goes rancid over time unlike butter or animal based fats can
    Lecithin acts like a supercharger and effectively doubles the perceived effects IMO.
    The freeze step helps break down the plant material further. I let the caps melt in my mouth and the freeze makes the end product much smoother and less gritty.


    Make your batch of Cannabis oil first then add that to the rest of the oil called for in your baked good.
    Bake normally as the internal temp of baked goods isn't high enough to degrade the THC

    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    It's all here in this thread. If you don't have access to hash powdered weed works about half as strong but still quite adequate for most people.
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  16. I'm close to harvest and plan on using probably 90 percent to edibles. Never been a fan of smoking and now edibles have opened my eyes! Thanks for all the info!
  17. [​IMG]

    I do like to keep a few hash caps on hand.

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  18. [​IMG] out of cookies till harvest.

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  19. How in the hell does anyone dose edibles? I made a batch of cookies with the leaves and a ton of sugar leaves with a little bud yesterday. I ate three and freaked out. Way over the top high! I ate one about an hour ago and I'm feeling super high but not on the level of dying. I'm pretty sure it was about an ounce I decarbed in the oven before I baked it. Why so strong?
  20. Sugar leaf is about half as potent as flower.
    Ballpark figures are 150 mg thc per gram of dry flower, and about 75 mg thc per gram of dry sugar leaf.
    Freshly harvested flower is about 5 times as heavy as dry flower.
    So for wet herb, the numbers are about 30 mg and 15 mg thc per gram herb respectively.
    Assuming accurate decarb, which might not be true if attempted with wet herb, these numbers can be used to estimate the strength of edibles.

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