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New to the City

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SpookyBear18, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. So im waiting here for my dealer to come through with a sack, thought id finally post something on here :D

    Ive been reading posts on the city for a while now, and after having turned 18 a while back I decided join this community. I hope to meet some chill people on here, but how hard should that be surrounded by a bunch of pot heads lol.

    Also, having been to a head shop for the first time recently, I realized there are a ton of ways to blaze, so tell me, What was the first thing you bought once you turned 18. I bought a grinder, some blunt wraps (kingpin/royal/zig zag cigar wrap), some papes and some lighters. Im gonna buy "real"cigars soon enough, but as of now I smoke mainly with people who hate tobacco so I am hesitant to pay more for a bigger cigar to smoke alone.
  2. A cigar? nasty dude. Thats defiling your sweet mary jane, bruh. Well in my opinion atleast.
    Welcome to the city!
    When i turned 18, i bought a smexy steamroller, but a friend broke it the next day
  3. I mean to gut and fill with weed man lol, but I know the blunt is made from tobacco thats why I say that. I was tempted to buy a vaporizer, but they cost alot which is the only problem. I have only smoked once out of a vape, and it was maybe 6 months into my weed adventure, and I do recall it was just as good as my very first time puffing (when I actually felt the results). Know of any semi cheap vapes man?
  4. I just bought some papers the first time I went to the headshop alone which was like 4 days ago but I should probably get a grinder soon...
  5. Oh, i was thinking of a huge cuban cigar lol sorry im a lil high!
    I suggest the MFLB. It isnt real cheap (about 100 bucks) But it is really portable and heats up/cools down almost instantly.
  6. I bought a grinder and a nice little spoon pipe.
  7. Yea man a grinder is a good invesment, and at my local place they have some as cheap as 3 bucks. I bought one of those and so far it works better than I expected and its small which is good for portability. If you roll alot it saves much time and overall smokes better
  8. Welcome to the city man.

    I just bought a glass spoon, didn't have too much money at the time.
  9. Haha its cool man, although my dad smokes and I was thinking of buying a nice cuban for him. I might get myself one and we could have our first father son smoke

    Nice man do you own on of those? Cuz the vape I used was said to have cost about 350 but damn it is soo smooth :smoke:
  10. Thanks man, nice on the glass though. I too had little money, but damn they have some crazy shit there. There are bongs twice as high as me and some sneaky ninja pieces too, I would buy it all if I could lol
  11. When i turned 18 i bought swisher sweets from this ghetto mini mart that the workers are chill with me and i've even smoked with them, and they've let me buy blunts there since i was 15-16

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