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New to the city

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JaneDope, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. Hello People. Im new here. My bestest bud told me about this place (*hugs to the hempress* i luv u sweetie) but yeah it seems cool here. a place to bullshit and not give a fuck...

    ive been smoking for about 5 years now. sometimes it seems like the only stability in my life. life sucks anyways have fun while ur stuck here :)
  2. Welcome to the City!
  3. welcome and if you're a friend of the hempress then you're a friend of mine.....Peace out....Sid
  4. Welcome to the stoner city!!!!!
  5. Woah...hey wait a minute, which of my bestest buds are you? I don't remember anyone telling me they were gonna join :p

    Oh well, I'll probably see you later anyway

    Welcome to the city!!!

    EDIT-- Nevermind, I saw your other post...this is JANE!!!! Woohoo, my other half has arrived!!!

  6. Good to be here from what people say this place is hella cool... and dont hold anything i say against mary.. im one of those people you'll either love or hate :)

    not that im a bitch i just speak my mind...
  7. LOl
    welcome hempress's twin! :)
    glad to have ya

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