New to the City & Pot :D (1st post!)

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  1. Hello. My name is Genesis, and I am an alcoholic ... wait, wrong forum.

    Let me start over. Hey. My pseudonym is Genesis. I have been lurking around this forum, and overall, the internet, for information on this wonderful, miraculous, exquisite medicine newly introduced into my life. Marijuana. All my life I have known of it's existence and as long as I can remember, the social stigma of the legal/ morality controversy. I was around it all the time in high school and college, even smoked it a few times. Some experiences were alluring, others were devilish. Being open-minded and quite liberal on just about everything, I couldn't weigh to one side or the other on the necessity of legalization or the practicality of medical use of marijuana without further knowledge or investigation.

    Come some 8 years later, as Ray Liotta and the White Sox materialize from the corn fields in Field of Dreams, pot was suddenly back into my life to meet my judgement. All my life, I have suffered from insomnia, mild depression at times, and ADHD. About 6 months ago, a pipe and a cookie was presented to me from a friend. And now I can safely say I have welcomed a new addition to my life and can tilt my judgements favor in the direction of cannabis.

    In these 6 short months, I have been able to treat my ailments and discover startling side effects. I found that I can now sleep with a single dose of MMJ, at 1/8th's the cost to sleep with Ambien (and without the horrible, yet sometimes amusing side effects). I am now happier throughout my days and have a more positive attitude and outlook toward life (even days without being medicated). At work, solving a crossword puzzle or contributing to a conversation; I am more attentive, intuitive and engaged. The most significant unsuspecting side effects are two. One. I get to see friends, family, clients and people unknown are more magnified to me. They are happier to be with and around me. It seems socially, I have developed the ability to project a sense of charisma that stirs people to want to talk and interact with me. Two. As opposed to before, I find the need and the want to drink much less, if not at all. I was a 5-7 night a week drinker. And I mean drinking to blackout, alter ego self explosion drunk. I now will have a beer or cocktail whence out with friends, but never to a level above an easy buzz. Thank you to my friend to be unnamed here for a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life!

    (. . . or maybe it's all just the weed talking!?)

    Recently, I obtained a doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana in California. Frequenting coop's & dispensaries to gather my medicine legally, I discovered Weedmaps. Pot merged with the Net. (Can you hear me know?) Upon searching all the lovely local clinics for different strains and edibles, I discovered my addiction. Not to THC, but to the culture. Here I am today. Surfing the internet, much like the past 4/5 weeks. Absorbing all the information I can possibly stumble upon. YouTube, journals, laws and regulations, equipment and the history.

    I have so much more to learn and look forward to the information's mysteries.

    I also want to say thank you to all the members and contributors of this forum and to any other medium in which any and all information can be shared freely and revered.

    Side notes;

    I am anxiously procuring funds to start my own medical marijuana indoor cultivation. Learning to build, germ, veg, trim, feed, top, lst, harvest, dry, cure and care for my own grown medicine. Also discovering how to make hash, kief, cannibutter, tinctures, etc. I think I got the general outlines, i just need the money to start and discover the "POT-sibilities".

    In the near future, I plan on joining the crusade for not only the nation, but the world wide acceptance and legality of medical AND recreational use of marijuana.

    Me: 28 yr. old Southern Californian native male resident. I like to snowboard, play any sport or games, read, golf, etc. I am a career electrical engineer. I like to build stuff, take things apart and try to put them back together. I research 6 hours a week (like a drug), science journals and texts on cutting edge technology, physics, mathematics, and astrophysics. I used to be a program, graphics, and web designer. And goddamnit! I really wish I could learn to play this fucking guitar I bought four years ago! I can get 5 starts on expert on all songs on Guitar Hero, but I can't strum 3 chords together in rhythm! FML! (ALL WHILE STONED NOW OF COURSE!)

    ... too soon would be forever.

  2. Hi, welcome to the city. Love your avatar btw. :D
  3. HELLO. I just wanted to stop by and say 'je suis très élevé' (translation if it's not too obvious, I am very high). I have been w/o pot for 4 days now. Happy days are here again!

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