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new to the city/new to richmond

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CarolinaSpliff, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. What's up all? I never knew of this forum until today... I just moved to Richmond from Charlotte 8 days ago. Not a bad place here, already scored a sack of something i'd never find in NC, which isnt saying much but still...anyone else here live in the ricmond area?
  2. I have some family up there in the military, nice place I enjoyed the beach for sure, I never got a chance to score some bud though.
    Good for you and im sure you'll enjoy it. welcome to the community.
  3. Thanx... i havent been to the beach yet, i heard its about 2hrs from where i live. Gonne check it out sometime tho.
  4. Richmond California or Richmond Virginia?

    Anyways welcome to the city, and if you just moved to California get ready for the dankest diggity dog dank ever.
  5. Welcome to the city man.

    Keep tokin :smoking:
  6. VA actually...i hear they have some great smoke here but i dont know how to find it and walking around asking people can possibly bring something good my way but could also bring some unwanted trouble
  7. thanks, ill try
  8. Hey man don't discourage me from NC, I'm moving there soon haha, is the weed that bad down there?
  9. well yes and no, depends on where you move. If you're in the charlotte area id say there is about 1 mid-dro dealer for every 20 dirrrrrrrrty ass weed dealers. So if u come across the right person you might be ok but even what ppl around there condsider "mid" is horrible and ive paid $30 a gram for some "gooood dro" that i rolled up and smoked an entire cigarillo of and felt fine. My idea of good dro is 2-3 bowl hits MAX but i never found that in NC and i smoked for 5yrs there
  10. anyone else in here from the richmond va area?
  11. Welcome to Richmond man!

    Not sure about smoke (I didnt start till recently while away at school) but we've got some good headshops.
  12. Try looking around the areas like Churchill. Yes, it's in the ghetto, but they sell some decent shit for dirrrrrt fuckin cheap.
  13. Man, Your going to LOVE it. There's some decent weed, but dude, the beach is to die for. We had a beach house in VA that was bomb as hell.
    It's a little pricey though.:hello:
  14. wheres churchill? and everyone says try looking but whats a good way to look? i dont feel right riding around rolling my window down asking for it lol
  15. thanks, if you find any greens around here hit me up, i have never minded paying the cost plus extra for hookups.
  16. i heard the beach is nice and supposedly im 2hrs from it so im sure ill be paying a visit some time
  17. what part in va?

    and yeah bro im up in the northern part, about 1 1/2 hrs from richmond on a good day. i have yet to ride down and make a pickup but a good friend of mine just did a little while ago and got an O of beasters down there for 120. so enjoy it!!
  18. im from richmond va!

    <----- Rep the 804
  19. shit thats a great deal...too bad i dont know where to find it. NExt time you're gonna be around this way drop me a message.
  20. im in midlothian, 10mins from the downtown...where abouts in richmond are you?

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