New to the City! from MN

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by stickybudz420, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Hey everybody, ive always looked on here for answers, just decided to sign up. If anyone is from MN hit me up.
  2. Hey, man! Welcome to the City!

    From MN, too. Man, it's getting cold as shit already!
  3. haha hell yeah and windy. where you at MN?
  4. Bloomington/Richfield area. You?
  5. Anoka/Coon Rapids area. hows the bud out there?
  6. hey im in minnesota to, cirlce pines- blaine area,hows it goin?
  7. haha nice. thats pretty close to me. its goin pretty good just got done smokin a bowl :smoking:. wat about you?
  8. People love their weed in MN, I'm fairly new to the state too [twin cities]
  9. hi there i'm from MN also.
  10. Hey I'm not from MN but I thought I'd welcome you anyway. Welcome to the city!
  11. dude, i dated a chick from MN once, at band camp.... welcome!
  12. Welcome! :wave: im pretty close to ya. im from the elk river area!
  13. Welcome! I'm a MN gal. Up north though about an hour from Bemidji. Anyone else from the northern half?
  14. haha theres alotta ppl from MN on here damn. does anybody ever meet up nd cheif at all?
  15. Hi from south MN! That fricken blizzard left me with a shit load of snow and nothing to smoke. :mad:
  16. Hey MN... how are my peeps? Staying warm I hope. Peace to ya'll.
  17. Whats up dude. I am also from MN. Mankato/St. Peter (507) area. It would be tight to smoke with someone from GC.
  18. sup GC,im in mora,mn by isanti/cambridge kinda

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