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  1. My connection said they can't deliver tonite, but for the inconvenience will throw in a gram of BHO. What is BHO? Is it dank, mid or swag?
  2. It's not a strain or quality. It's oil extracted with butane
  3. Good Shit dude. Its almost pure thc.
  4. so how will I use that. I am a pipe, dug out, joint type..sometimes small bong. What do I do with BHO?
  5. You send it to me so I can dab with my rig :cool:

    You can just put it ontop of your weed in your bowl, that works fine
  6. Thanks. Thought I was gonna have to intravenous and I don't do that.
  7. Well just so you understand, if this is really BHO this guy is doing you a huge favor here. You got a good dealer on your hands so just keep that in mind. Offer to smoke him out or something if you want.
  8. Ay OP, I don't know if you're trolling or what.
    BHO is that good shit, if your man is willing to hook you up with 1 gram for free, stay close to this dude, he seems aight.
  9. Yeah man sound like a cool dealerrr

  10. No troll here. I just been out of the loop,but due to some health issues I am going to try and see if mmj will work for me. I seriously didn't know what it was and replied back to his email that said he would deliver me 1g free of BHO (which I thought was a strain of bud) that he should send me 2g. He said it was like $35 a gram or something but would include an edible. We will see. Still waiting for him to show up though. I'll let you know.
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    Thats good stuff man. You can just put it on top of a bowl as someone else said. That might be a little overkill though if you are just getting back into it. Maybe pack half your bowl, take a tiny nug and roll it in butane oil, then place the nug over what you packed and pour over the oil nug to fill in the rest.

    I like doing that with hash so I can smoke some bud first and slowly start heating my more potent stuff. Getting too high is counter-productive for me so(get all sweaty and hot) I like that method so I don't torch a whole pancake of hash right off the bat.

    Edit: Is this guy a caretaker or just a really good dealer. I'd love to get free edibles for every 60+ dollars spent and free extract when my dude runs late. If that was the case I'd have a freezer full of cookies and all I'd just start throwing buds into a bag of BHO and shaking it round like i'm breading chicken. (This thought almost made me bust a nut. I like fried chicken and buds battered in BHO.... omg....)
  12. Am I the only one who cant stop laughing about shooting up BHO? Not being an asshole im just imagining someone getting oil not knowing what to do and shooting it up
  13. Yeah I was like " Wha? Well it is a brownish liquid...."

    I don't take key bumps of kief just because it looks similar to other stuff. But I've thought about it and had arguments as to wether or not it could be done. Thankfully we googled it before we tried it.
  14. Well like I said I am new to some of the terminology and such.It is really never sealed till it is in your possession though and I am currently still without. We will see if it gets here today. I will put up some pics if and when I get the 1/2 z of Space Queen, 1g of BHO and 1 edible. Seeing is believing, but I ain't seen it yet.
  15. He will probably come through it's just the nature of the waiting game.

    If he is throwing in a goodie or keeping you up to date on the situation then he clearly isn't trying to waste your time. Takes his time to do that and he probably wouldn't waste it if he didnt feel like he was inconveniencing you.

    Thats when I know my dudes are coming through. When they update me on their own and actually give a damn about the timeframe of the situation without any pressure.
  16. E-mail??!?! Dude this sounds so sketch. GL man you better hope this guy isn't a cop. Where did you find this guy?
  17. I can't answer all your questions, but thru a friend. I'll let you know how it goes. If you don't hear from me, I guess I will be doing time singing Johnny Cash songs to myself.
  18. What is it? A liquid or powder or something that you put on regular bowl of weed??? How much is it and how far does it go?

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