New to smoking, friend starting to turn me off.

Discussion in 'General' started by RadiusTheAlias, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Hello all.. this is my first post to Grass City!

    I've recently started smoking at the same time as my good friend. I'm an an artist and musician, my senses are already pretty well in tune, so my world has been turned upside down by this incredible plant.

    My friend however, is sadly, kind of a dumb ass. He's only smoked maybe 7 times and he's already bought a vaporizer without a clue as to how to use it. He recently purchased $100 worth of herb and didn't even notice that it was a completely different strain than his previous buy.

    Basically, I feel like he doesn't know "how" to get stoned. He is constantly saying, "he needs more" or "i kind of feel it". Almost as if his drinking ego is crossing into his smoking ego. But I can tell he is high as a kite. He doesn't understand that smoking, being super high for 20 minutes, then binge eating, and passing out is REALLY missing the point.

    This is obviously my opinion, and to each his own, but I have had such amazing experiences on it, I guess since he is my good friend, I want him to feel what I'm feeling. Or at the least, understand that Sucker Punch or Pink Floyd will probably move him more than MMA Sports Commentary.

    Have any of you had friends like this? Or are you like this and I am missing the point?

    I suppose my original reason for trying was enlightenment... and his seems to have turned into the ability to make things taste better.

    Hopefully this doesn't come across too judgmental or prick-ish.
  2. Find more people to smoke with so you don't have to be bored with this guy. You just don't want to do the same things while smoking. Also you guys haven't smoked much so whatever.
  3. Can't really judge this guy for liking what he likes. To me, it just sounds like the two of you don't have the same values or wants, and the weed just makes your incompatibility more obvious.

    My advice is to find some people you really click with instead of trying to change someone else for your own benefit.
  4. Welcome to the City. :wave:

    I have had a friend like that and just simply stopped smoking with him because it was such a buzz kill. If you tell yourself you aren't feeling anything or that you aren't high, you are just going to trick yourself into it. That is one of my biggest pet peeves when people do that while on a substance that you can clearly see is heavily effecting them..

    Everyone is different though man, you can't really change how he does his thing when he gets high. You should just smoke with other friends that you share a more common interest with or people who don't waste a perfectly good high binge eating and falling asleep..unless it's on occasion of course.
  5. I used to be like that when I smoked a long time ago like 7 years ago. And that's what made me hate it . After years of only smoking when ever it came up and still never liked it. I finally decided to quit drinking and start smoking weed instead. But when I started this time I took it slow and developed a tolerance I'm saying I would literally take a small hit out of a pipe wait a hour or two and take one more hit. Kinda pathetic but it helped me understand my highs better and be able to use it for the better instead of just eating laughing and being 100 percent stupid all the time IMO.

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  6. you sound like a judgmental prick. marijuana is all about doing what you usually do, except it is enhanced by the effect of smoking. who cares if thats what he wants to do. if you dont agree with it, dont chill with him. he sounds aight. i'd rather hang with him than your arrogant ass.
  7. Wee bit. But if they don't enjoy doing the same things he shouldn't even hang with him.
  8. Dude everyone has different things they like to do on the herb like sometimes I'll set up my PS3 to play with my bro and he'll then get pissed cause I got distracted by some hit on youtube or something.
  9. Hmm... I didn't realize this was such sensitive subject matter.

    Thanks for the replies though.
  10. That's how some of my friends are. I stopped smoking with them as a result, and that's really the only thing you can do (other than tolerate it). MJ affects everybody differently, just find a group/person that you like being with when you're high.
  11. Everyone enjoys the herb differently my friend.

    I have friends who get high and all they want to do is watch tv, others want to walk around in nature, others just want to sit and chill. There is no universal "way to act" when high. To each his own, man.

    But, if you dont enjoy getting high with him, broaden the circle. Simple as that.
  12. You say he's only smoked like 7 times? Well, there's your problem. To a newbie (even myself when I first started smoking regularly) that's pretty much the way to go: get high, act stupid, pass out. As you continue to build tolerance (for both the herb and your friend's habits), things will get better. I used to be completely worthless when I was stoned, but now I get introspective and try to enjoy it rather than just watching tv
  13. marijuana can make tons of movies and TV shows super hilarious. i've been smoking daily for 7-8 years, but when i'm high and watching American Horror Story or Dexter, i get sooo into it and start cracking up at their corny jokes.
  14. I kind of agree with you OP about how your friend spends his time while high, but as many have said to each his own. I have a two friends that are similar to your friend and one of them I completely cut off because of his sober personality as much as his high personality. My other friend used to be that way, but eventually grew out of it. He still smokes a bowl before bed on purpose, which I give him shit about mostly because I'm fairly picky about my time while I'm high and I see that as a waste.

    Maybe you can try to do activities when you get high to pull out his creativity and introspection. Or maybe go out into the forest to smoke and just enjoy nature, who knows it might spark something in his head and get some deep thoughts haha.

    Hopefully this doesn't sound condescending, just trying to share my thoughts :D:smoke:
  15. So many people wanna just ignorantly get high their way and not explore the options.

    Fucking explore you cunts, its life!!..ON WEED!!
  16. Yeah I have had friends like that BUT it only pissed me off when I was getting them high with my personal stash and then they stay up maybe an hour then pass the fuck out.

    As for the MMA thing, Im more of a boxer myself and I love watching it stoned.But I guess my advice would be to get a bigger circle.If I feel like just kickin it in my house and playing some black ops 2 and listening to some music and taking hits from the bong, I know what friend to call in that situation.If I'm in the mood to go out for a late night roady and just cruise around listening to music and talking, I know what friend to call.If I'm in the mood to just chill and go fishing and just drink some beers and blow a couple joints, I know what friend to call.If I just want to relax and go eat or go to an amusement park or the state fair or stay home and watch a movie and smoke a blunt and take some shots then fuck, I stay home with my fiancee.Pretty much have a friend for every situation.

    Not all people like the same things, if you get a bigger circle there will be a better chance that one of those friends are in the mood to go camping,play xbox, go play some basketball, cruise, watch retarded videos on youtube, skateboard, ect..

    And just because YOU dont like to watch MMA doesnt mean he isnt "moved" by it,pink floyd doesn't do shit for me lol.To be honest if someone made me listen to that never ending,monotonous,annoying,dull, shit over and over I would have took my vape and my weed and left half way through the second 30 minute song haha listen to slayer or UGK or something.

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