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New to smoking and about quitting already

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThinkingPothead, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Hi tokers, I really hope you guys can help me here.

    I started doing weed mostly because I enjoy the reality-ehancing type of drugs (as long as health and addition is not a concern) so I thought weed was perfect for me based on the ton of information I read before actually having my first toke. Everything has been a fiasco :(. I've smoked 4 times so far. First time with my friends I didn't really inhaled right so I didn't feel anything. Then I learned how to properly smoke. After that I have smoked weed every weekend 2 times more with different friends every time and then the last time I decided I wanted to do a solo (not a good idea btw). So the 3 times I've been inhaling right it has been an awful experience. After the first hit I feel a little buzz, it feels kinda nice after 3 or 4 more hits I start coughing a lot. Then everything starts to zoom in and out and I suddenly get reeeaally lazy and sleepy then everything starts to spin, I get super dizzy and I feel I'm gonna get sick. I get super creative and feel like if I was inside a video game. I lose coordination, my heart pumps 10x faster I can't walk straight and I feel like I'm in slow motion. I always kept quite because I knew weed was supposed to make my heart pump faster and make me super paranoid so I never had a panic attack. But I really just wanted that feeling to be over and the worst thing was it lasted a good 4 hours or so.

    It's been told that everyone reacts differently on weed so my question here really is: is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Will I ever get a "great high" everybody here loves? Is weed just not for me? It's there a chance the sh*t I'm consuming is just plain bad?

    For further reference I live in a third world country where weed is known for being bad (about $1.25 per gram should give you an idea). I've also been smoking out of joints (made off raw rolling paper). Last time I tried a home made vaporizer with a light bulb but got the same result.

    Thanks to those who read my whole post, hope to hear you guys!!
  2. It sounds like maybe you are smoking too much in a short period of time. Are you keeping hydrated? Can you get a pipe where you live? And please don't do the light bulb thing again that sounds like a very bad idea.
  3. You're smoking too much and pulling a whitey.
    You need to stop after one or two hits and see
    how you feel.  Maybe take one or two more hits
    after twenty minutes or so.
    It won't kill you.  It just makes you feel sick.
  4. Thanks for your reply Lenny. I did think I could've been smoking way too fast for my super low tolerance. Now that I think about it, I have not being very well hydrated before smoking (aside drinking alcohol). Is hydration a big factor? And yes, I can get a pipe I'm able to buy online outside my country. But again what is the chance that bad weed makes you feel fucked up like that?
  5. Lack of hydration while smoking can play a part in you feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Bad weed can give you a headache. 
    But speaking from my own experience of smoking way too much for my tolerance, it sounds like that is what you are doing. 
  6. Thanks again Lenny. I'll take into consideration those advises and I'll give it a final try. I definitely wanted to enjoy weed, but if I end up getting messed up again I think I'll just quit for good. At least until I get vacation from college so I can visit the states and get some better weed.
  7. Smoke high CBD indica, then you wont get that dizzy/anxious. 
  8. Yeah I agree with everything that's been said already. Especially since you're smoking J's. I remember when I first started toking, whenever I smoked too much (especially with blunts) I really hated the high that I got. Sounds like you just gotta take it slow. Smoke until you feel you have a good buzz goin. You conserve weed that way too :) Also, it depends on what strain you have. It might be the particular strain that you're smoking that is making you feel more lethargic/lazy/sleepy. 
  9. Thanks Clockworkstoner I see what you're saying. What if I "don't" get high by taking it slow? And also, how long would be the proper time between hits?
  10. . I think u need to look at this positively, its all about the mind.

    I had all these same feelings as you described. (had - you will never experience those highs again). But i looked at these feelings with a positive attitude (and some uppity high music on). and i had one of the best days of my life. I was close to freaking out and greening but i just took a deep breath and kept chill. Smoke less, take smaller hits, and relax. And enjoy because the first few times you get high are the craziest ones for the rest of your life, because its the first time THC Is going to your brain.
  11. Stop smoking so much kid!

    Take 1 or 2 hits and back up off!

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  12. Cannabis is an acquired taste for some, takes a while to grow into it and get used to it. When first starting out it can seem very mind blowing and debilitating, especcially with today's potent strains and concentrates. But with experience (and our #1 Nemisis: Tolerance) you'll find a level of use that's right for you.
  13. Pro tip, don't drink before hand. It can be good fun in moderation for an experienced smoker but drinking then smoking will likely give you the spins and vertigo that you described.
  14. Get a one hitter. Then work up from there.
  15. Try it as a suppository?
  16. No. Weed is not for everyone. If you can't handle it, then you are by no means obligated to smoke it. It's ok if you don't smoke it. Thanks for posting.
  17. Well for some people weed is just something you dip your toes in. If you dip your toes in weed and don't like it, instead of quitting altogether, gradually stop; smoke less and less that way you if you start to enjoy your highs more, you know it was because you were smoking way too much as a beginner.

    Stay tokin
    Stay smokin
  18. takes practice to become a master smoker.  If ya don't like it then just leave it, if it aint for you then it aint for you man
  19. i want that high back lol. when you first start smoking its new to your body so you geek out and shit. if your supposed to be a pothead, then god will do his work. like the other ppl said just slow down. 
  20. Thanks for your reply, a lot of trolls out here (not you of course). But many great answers too.

    I actually like feeling weightless, creative and I actually feel good while high. But the overall experience is just awful. If some of you could tell me about a way I could cut out the dizziness and sleepiness (like I need to be able to walk straight and be active) then I'd love that person.

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