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New to smokeing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stallion69, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Im new to smokeing, 4 months into the game. I have only smoked dank once. I have two pipes. Both were free. I mainly smoke schwag. My question is i have 50 $$. Should I buy 2 g's of dank or a oz of schwag. or 1/2 oz and 1 g?:smoking:
  2. my advice quality over quantity. =]
  3. Yeah man I'd go for the dank and just smoke less. Try to find a cheaper hookup too.
  4. I'd go half O and the gram, but I like wrapping shwag blunts and having hour long sessions.
  5. i pay a hot dollar for weed but 50 for two gs sucks id say i agree with Sir Willpower, half and half plus if your new the shwag can get you stoned enough, and shit flip the shwag to some fools for 15 a dime and buy some more dank
  6. I like to have a little dank and a decent amount of mids. If feel like blazing a joint I can roll up some mids. If I feel like smoking some dank I can smoke it with my homemade bong. So, if I was you I would go half and half with 1g dank and 1/2oz mids.
  7. try and get 3gm for 50 of dank that could last u a while just moke alot less then swachg
  8. yeah you should be able to get an 8th of some pretty nice bud for 50 bucks, sixty at most anywhere in the country (although with inflation these days who knows). I'd say try to find a better hookup for your high quality, and until then scrape together some change and buy some schwag to hold you over.
  9. ^^ good call dude haggle wit ya dealer a little i mean its not asking tooo much for 3 gs if not you should for sure get 2.5 and if he dicks you grab a gram for 20 and spend the rest on the other shit how shwagalicouis is the shwag??
  10. go for the dank, you can always get a good bit of schwag next time you get some cash. But you should be getting a least 2.5 gs for 50 if not i think you need to find a new hook up
  11. uhmmm go for the dank! but u shood find real shit... but its always good to have shwag too! i say go for an O of dank and a half of shwag!
  12. half and a g. g for your pipes, shwag for your blunts and j's. try to get rid of some of that shwag and make some money back.
  13. $25.00 a gram for kind bud???

    That's insane. Those are New York delivery prices.

    I sell KB's for $12.00 a gram.....& sometimes I even feel guilty about charging that much.
  14. For 50 bucks you could get an 8th (3.5 grams) depending on where you live... if dank is rare I'd say go 3 grams for $50 or at least 2 1/2 g's.

    If he wont go lower, go with the half oz of mids
  15. i mean 1 g of dank and then spend the rest on shwag

  16. 12 a gram of dank or headies? Dude for headies at the price, and even dank... I would be buying mad amounts if I knew where to find it haha

  17. Can anyone tell me if you can talk about dealing on here? I thought I read somewhere that you couldn't...

    Your sig picture has my mouth watering though :yummy:
  18. Your not supposed to...
  19. If you can get an ounce for 50, that'll be some horrible schwag. An ounce of schwag by me is still like 100-150. Quality over quantity, also if you do get the dank, use the pipe. Don't load up the bowl though, only put in enough for like 2 hits at a time until you get high to your satisfaction, that way you won't end up smoking more than necessary
  20. tell him to give you an 8 of dank. or get some mids.

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