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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Trilby, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Hey all, Want to say how impressed i am with the input from members on saving the lives of our special plants . I have a couple of pics, take a look, here's the details any advice would be appriciated, I just got set up and things are consistent in most ways but now i have these twisting curling leaves.
    1000 w veg (optional 1000 w warm)
    comfy 74 in light
    ph in water always checked.
    Ph in soil seems okay
    18 / 6
    fan venting
    fresh air pushed in
    60 degrees in rest period
    not too humid not too dry
    soil. never added any perlite but it has peat moss and some fertilizer

    Well i hope this info and pics will catch the eye of an almighty growing wizzard and show me a better way for true enlightenment .
    Thanks Trilby
    okay now i have two problems i cant seem to upload the pic t othe site there too big now what ?

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  2. use photoshop to resize the pics.

    without seeing them, it's hard to help. keep in mind that peat moss can throw off your pH.
  3. Pic of sick plant Thanks Trilby
  4. Sometimes leaves on plants twist. It may or may not really be a problem. Are there any other symptoms such as yellowing leaves at the bottom or anything? When you say your PH is ok, what is it at? Also, what kind of soil are you using? It bothers me that you say it has some fertilizer added.
  5. Hey Thanks for replying to the post, I made another posting with some newer pics. I got a new MH 1000w cool deluxe for vegging. I'm in the process of transplanting ect... read the new post. I'm checking the water ph with a test kit. I keep it about 6 -6.5. The next day though i'll check the water again before i go to water them and the PH is way up. I'm using 20 % PH down. to correct the situation. country water treated with uv softner (potassium) fillter ect..
    I've read alot of your postings and used the info to help my ladies out. Hopefully the next pics i post will be of topped plants with I'm hoping some growth and I want to use the tops as clones, any info on that cloning process is great. Thanks Trilby

    The fertilizer added part was from the person i got the clones from, they were in bad shape with fert burn, salt build up, you name it... It was dirty.... BUT I think things are turning around...

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