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  1. hi there i'm gonna keep this short and simple.
    i'm in the process of releasing a new product to the cannabis industry only problem is i'm thinking to incorporate a Grinder card (works like a cheese grater) problem is the company that made them has filed a patent but i'm not sure if this means i cant use the idea at all or only cant use the card because i'm not planning to use the card i'm just planning to use the grating idea.
    any help would be really appreciated :)
    p.s this a link to the patents if you want to check them out.
    sorry if this isn't allowed here or on the forums please get in touch or feel free to delete if there is a problem
  2. Patent pending claims carry very little weight until/if they issue..If the applicant has the funds to chase and protect and it will be in deep :poop::poop::poop:
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  3. that's the thing the patent has been issued but i'm just not sure if its for the idea as a whole or if its just for there card design
  4. Download it and see;)
    Often times, a patent includes "similar" things (anticipated) and the patent holder can amend his app/patent and get it included..this happens a lot..Good luck to you (check with an attorney)

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