new to site--attempt at a seed and bud grow.

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    im an old 59 yr old --smoking weed since viet nam 1969.havent grown in 19 yrs--was busted -19 yrs ago--not good.threated my family with jail cost me 12000.00 --for 1 plant --no probation or jail.--also no warrents until after bust---thats why no jail or probation.anyway i grew a few autos this fall and the bug got me again.was outside before on my i am attempting inside.2 grows at once.i have under cfls<10>i have 1 cronic ryder fem--1deisel ryder fem--1 lr#2 female with 2 lr#2 males for seed-----the second is 1 cronic ryder fem---1 deisel ryder fem and 3 lr#2s female under a 150 hps with some cfls to be added this are some pics ---how am i doing---here are pics at 23 days

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  2. hey man.
    good to see another new member with a journal up and running. plants are looking good, nice healthy color. only thing i can see being a problem is it looks like you have 3 plants in 1 container. if thats the case its not really advisable as the roots will be fighting each other for space, water and nutrients. if you can, and the roots arent already tangled, id transplant them into their own pots asap. other than that all looks good. welcome back to the most addicitive/rewarding hobby ever. im in for the ride
    p.s if you have the time swing past my journal
  3. thanks for looking.i know there are 3 but i think 1 is a male and be cut by 2 in a 5 should work -i plan to push plants over edges giving room between plants for lower limbs.will see how it goes.

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