New to site and looking for advice on Hydroponics/Northern Lights strain

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Newbie36, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. :hello:I am new to this site and would like to ask some questions of experienced growers. Should I ask questions on a different thread? I don't want to interupt a thread with a question about the strain northern lights. I have questions concerning Carbs when to add them, along with other nutrient questions like does the strain northern lights prefer higher PPMs when's the best time to harvest the strain etc...

    I am using a hydroponics unit with grow plugs and hydrocoral setup. I am in the 16 on 8 off phase and my plants seem to look healthy. I spray them with spray and grow twice a week during the 8 off period and generally the cool temp. I have the ppm level between 700 and 1000 PPMs using floranova grow and floralicious plus. I am waiting a week to swtich to 12 and 12.

    Tips dealing with odor? I have a univair jr 1000 running and a carbon filter on the exhaust but there is a positive pressure issue as I have two 90 cfm fans on the intake side and a 50 cfm exhaust (bathroom) fan so during the 8 hours of no light I shut down one of the intake fans.

    Oooh I am using Sea of green method and I have about six plant averaging between 12" and 16" range.:)

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Newbie 36

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